Just not working Help

I have a new C8 looks great, but I can't get anything to work Z-wave. I even ordered a new Z-wave device outside of my existing network. But no results.


Did you try doing a zwave exclusion with the new device?

Did you migrate your existing network to the C8?

Z-Wave exclusion yes i did...
This is a new System I have never had a Hubitat before. Losing Faith :frowning:

What type of devices are you trying to pair?

The New Plug is a Minoston wall outlet. I others from an existing alarm system bit not using them so i have some idea how they pair.

So the device excluded but it will not pair. That is unusually a good test, if you can't get an unknown device excluded before trying to pair then trying to pair is a waste of time.

If it's the only device you have then get it as close as possible, although in my experience with my C8, I was able to pair devices at quite a distant from my hub and they almost always paired directly with no hops.

I have tried to see video of what it should look like when it excludes. I am not sure waht it should say?

The clock time out and i see nothing same with paring.

If the device excludes then it should say something like "Unknown device excluded". The exclusion process is basically the same as the inclusion process. You initiate the device pairing process and then click device exclude instead of device include.

So it looks like your device is not seeing the hub, perhaps the device is defective, or you are not pairing correctly, or the hub is defective. A number of possibilities. I am not familiar with the device you are trying to pair so I can't really help you with that.

Have you tried pairing any other devices?

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ZWave is not the same radio frequency worldwide. If you're not in the US or Canada, you might need to select your ZWave location.


So, what you are saying if I exclude the devices by pushing the exclusion in the c8 I should get some message? Ok When I do this is see no message at all the clock starts and counts down. I have several devices I am not using from the old system, and it should see them and exclude them? Correct?

Well that is a broad statement, if they are Z-wave and compatible then yes.

Perhaps describe the process you are using to get the device into pairing mode and someone can say if you are doing it right.

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If that's all you're doing, yes, it will fail. You have to click/push/tap whatever the manufacturer has created to get their device into Exclude or Include ALSO.

You put the hub into Exclude, you put the device into exclude, the hub says "Unknown device excluded" and that tells you you are doing everything right, the hub and device can talk to each other. THEN you do the exact same, but Include this time. Your device will show, but it takes a few moments longer.


No. To reiterate what @csteele wrote, you'll have to put each of these devices into exclude/include mode as well.

As you can imagine, if device exclusion required only the z-wave controller to be in exclusion mode, but not the device itself, someone could drive by your house, with a hub in their car, and exclude all your devices. Or you could exclude your neighbors devices and vice-versa. Requiring both the hub and device to be in exclusion mode safeguards against such possibilities.

The same safeguards also apply to device inclusion.



Again, perhaps if you describe how you are putting your device in pairing mode someone will see what, if anything, you are doing wrong. If you are just putting the hub in inclusion or exclusion and doing nothing to the device to start the paring process then that is your problem.


How is your hub powered? C8 hub + POE adaptors have been known to cause ZWave issue with specific hardware (mainly Unifi PEO switches). No one knows why but it has been confirmed multiple times over by various people. Use the original power block and cord.

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@user6264 As asked above, are you putting the device itself into pairing mode?

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