Just migrated from C7 to C8: smooth as silk

No fancy integrations-just z-wave and zigbee.
Had to exercise a zig plug in the basement, but it fell in line after a bit.
Z-wave was solid from the start.
Very smooth experience.
On my way now to the Hub Protect page.


Ditto for me. Kudos to everyone involved in building the migration. Had to adjust my Homebridge for the new IP address - that was all.


Signed on to Hub Protect. :slight_smile:

My only question is what do I do with the old hub?
I don't plan on using it again.
Should I turn off the radios, do a soft reset (with no backup), and deregister the hub?
Or, just deregister and chuck it?
And...in what order.

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Please don’t. It is is a perfectly decent home automation controller. If you don’t need it, don’t let it become e-waste. Consider a Goodwill donation, or an eBay sale.



How do I deregister the old hub? I would like to make it easier to move around between my hubs (3 in the system)...would like to remove the 3 old ones??

I migrated Friday, and things are working much better now. Thank you Hubitat!

Previously I had issues with routines taking a long time to complete or not completing (goodnight has a lot of things to turn off). Sensors far from the hub were not always heard. So far the C-8 is completing the routines, and doing it faster. My house is only 1,700 sqft (old bungalow), but this made a difference. I have lots of z-wave and expect some of those older devices acting as repeaters have been part of the issue. In the z-wave tools I'm still seeing multiple hops on devices, fewer than before, but I haven't bothered with them since its all working.

The C7 to C8 was quick and easy. I did have weirdness with the Alexa integration (it all worked at first and an hour later only a handful of devices could be controlled). I removed the Alexa and Hubitat integrations and added them back and its worked ever since.

You can:

  • Do a soft-reset on the hub
  • Reset the Z-Wave radio
  • Reset the Zigbee radio

I've not paid attention in class, and can't remember if you have to do more than that to remove the hub from your account...I think you do, but ...

I've set mine aside just in case I'm one of the statistically unlucky folks that gets the hub that dies after a couple weeks. Then I could just plug in my old hub and keep chugging along (thus maintaining bare-minimum WAF) until my replacement C8 arrived in the mail.

After a while I'll clear it out and sell it off. Might take it to family summer cottage if I can think of any use for it there, but response from my extended family on doing that wasn't great - they are not into "...that techy stuff." :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

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Just got the new C-8 and migration from my old C-5 was easy-peasy.
Lotsa zigbee, zwave, apps, integrations, etc.
Everything working just great. Well done Hubitat team!!!
You introduced the C-8 just in time. Some of the generic zigbee roller shades require Zigbee 3.0 hub support and I started thinking about a HomeAssistant running on Pi. But I REALLY like the Hubitat, it was time for an upgrade, and you delivered!

Thought I might use the old C-5 in a hub-mesh but I can't think of a reason that I need it.
Will hang onto it for awhile to ensure the C-8 continues to work reliably, and then sell on ebay or give to a nerdy friend that I think might use it.


Just coming in to add another data point for flawless migration! I didn't have a terribly complex migration due to my use of Node-Red and such, but even so, all devices and apps are working well!

Great job devs!!

Edit: It was a C5 -> C8 migration for those that may have been curious.


Positive experience here also -- straight-forward process with no hiccups. Only had to reconnect a couple cloud apps and good to go. It seems like I'm getting the improvements in performance I was hoping for with the external antennas and improved range. Very solid so far.

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