Just looking to be able to close one AC / Heat vent by voice

I just purchase Flair vent and puck but all I want to do is be able to close the vent so its not blowing on my head via Alexa. I can do via phone app. Do I need something like MyFlairServiceMgr ?


You mean the HE phone app? If so, then you just need to tie the vent to Alexa via the built-in app Amazon Echo skill. If the driver has a switch attribute then once added to the echo skill, you just tell Alexa to turn it on or off

If you mean a app provided by the vent OEM then you need to find an integration via their API, assuming they have one.

Yes its via Flair app, so guess I have to look into the MyFlairServiceMgr integration to see if I can get it work.

Most of these have a google or Alexa integration these days. If they have an Alexa, probably Google as well, integration then you can also tie that into HE. If you just want to tell it to open or close then you wouldn't need to tie it to HE, but it would give you other automation capabilities.