Just looking for Ideas.. Tile locators?

After having lost my entire wallet and spending the last 2 weeks replacing Licenses, debit and credit cards etc. I decided to go ahead order a couple Tile locators for my wallet and keys. Problem (hopefully) solved.

Next question, has anyone found a way to use them in their HA setup? If so, what are you doing and how?

I have a few of these but never found a reason to get their data into Hubitat. The Tile app does everything I need, which is normally just helping me find which pocket I left my wallet in around home. :smiley: (But it can do a bit more--I think there are options to let you know when it no longer sees a device, in real time?)

But as far as I know, Tile does not have an open API, so there's unlikely to be an official integration. Anything unofficial would have to be reverse-engineered. Home Assistant has one, and last I read, it worked by simulating the mobile app by doing reverse-engineered polling calls to the Tile cloud. Not sure if there are any direct Bluetooth options (though that definitely wouldn't work on Hubitat at the moment). Just something I haven't ever found a use for. Perhaps if you have a specific use case in mind, someone can suggest a workaround. Otherwise, this is all I know of.

Nope No specific use case in mind. More idle curiosity, More to see if anyone else had a use case, and maybe get me thinking how I might use it. Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is presence, but not sure how.
I wonder if they may open their API now that Life360 owns them ? I'm really kind of hoping that Life 360 will eventually include Tile locations in the Life360 app.

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Same here. They don’t make it particularly easy to integrate with in any substantial way, AFAIK. But that hasn’t mattered for me, it works fine for finding misplaced items around the house as-is.

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Could this be what you are after?

It's not the easiest thing to setup, and I haven't really got it working myself. The main problem I faced in the end was consistency in detecting that I was still home. A lot depends on the range of the bluetooth dongle you use and you may need more than one around the house and use a combination of the output from each one.

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