Just got my hub and a quick question

oh boy.. those guys are gonna take over the world with that level of foresight. :smiley:

For a large percentage of 'regular users', an Amazon Show 2 + a Philips Hue lighting system would meet all of their typical home automation and remote control needs. We bought my brother-in-law a Philips Hue starter kit, an Echo Dot, and a Ring Pro Doorbell for Christmas. He's having a blast setting up lighting automations. The great thing is that I don't have to provide support for the system, as all of those pieces and parts work very well together.

A few years ago I bought my father a SmartThings v1 hub as I thought he'd enjoy tinkering with home automation (after all, he's the one who got me started on X-10 a very long time ago!) Turns out, my father really didn't enjoy the non-intuitive process of pairing devices, worrying about Zigbee and Z-Wave meshes. etc... He still has it, and uses it for some things, but in general he loves the Amazon Echo support for WiFi outlets, Harmony Hub, etc...

It is interesting watching how Amazon is slowly picking and choosing how they want continue to enter the home automation market.

But for me, I love my Hubitat Elevation system as it checks all of the boxes that motivate me. Local processing, private data, developer friendly, and of course - an amazing Hubitat Development and Support Team!


this is what i cannot wait to get into. I know I will be greatful for local processing. will get there eventually. got some bulbs on sale this weekend, look forward to setting those up. Now I need some switches.

Which bulbs did you get? Some specific zigbee models/brands are are know to cause problems with the Zigbee mesh network. Just want to give you a heads up before you start the head-scratching... :wink:

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TP-Link - LB120
thanks :slight_smile:

Those are WiFi bulbs and are not natively supported devices on Huibitat. I believe there is a community integration for them.

However, I would recommend you use Sengled Zigbee bulbs which are well behaved Zigbee devices, and directly pair to the Hubitat Hub.

For example, these are soft-white (non-tunable) Sengled Zigbee bulbs, for under $10 a piece.

If you want color bulbs, you can try these (which often go on sale for about $23 a piece on Amazon.)

Or, you could go Philips Hue for your lighting, as Hubitat has native integration with the Philips Hue bridge. Some users prefer to pair all of their Zigbee lights to the Philips Hue Bridge, and then use the Hubitat-Hue integration to control them via Hubitat.

Lots of options! Have fun and good luck with the new Hubitat Elevation Hub! Welcome to the Community!

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If I can offer an opinion, and it is only my opinion, I would keep away from smart bulbs.
My reasoning is that you always have to leave them powered up to be able to control them.
I initially went for bulbs and occasionally, more often when we have guests, is that they will get turned off at the switch and therefore they can no longer be controlled.
I changed to smart switches and smart devices that can be wired behind the existing switch or in the ceiling rose where the light fitting is.
These can then be controlled manually by the switch or automatically using HE rules.
Just my opinion though.
Have fun on your automation journey. When you start you will want more......................... :smile:


The TP-Line of plugs and switches are good. The community integration mentioned below includes integration for the current TP-Link offering except the HS210. For the HS210, there is an issue that I need data to resolve.

Although the community developed integrations are great, the best support is always best integrating with the Hubitat staff-developed integrations. That current list is at:


thank you everyone.
I certainly have places I can use the smart bulbs i bought. I will look into the bulbs thank you. I plan on mixing in a lot of switches and smart plugs (cheap repeater).
what smart plugs are recommended (also to act as a cheap repeater?)

Cheap for plugs, Ikea Tradfri $10 in the US, good repeaters for cheap sensors. They are zigbee.

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thanks are those only at ikea, I just see bulbs or the whole kit?

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thanks I saw that too was just unsure if they were elsewhere (no ikea here). Will look to see how to get them to ship cheaper :slight_smile:

Ah! I misunderstood the question.

Yes, this model is only at Ikea.

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the securifi peanut plugs connect to hubitat without a separate hub right? the hubitat is the hub :slight_smile:

Peanut are not good for Xiaomi if you have plans to get cheap sensors too

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are the ikea ones good for cheap sensors?
i hate paying shipping - so spoiled with amazon since I already pay for prime.
as an aside, so cool that amazon tells you what devices you need to buy something (it only knows what you bought on amazon but still cool)


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Should have asked this earlier. do you need the control to pair the plugs to hubitat?

Nop, I just installed one plug yesterday, just use a paperclip to pair

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