Just got an update 2/1/20 and Geofence is even more unreliable

So I just got the new update to 1.4.0 Android app, and it seems that Geofensing is even more unreliable now.

All my other apps report that I am gone, but the Hubitat app does not,. As soon as I open it, it then realizes that I am not home.

I have CHANGED all the power settings to do not optimize, but it seems that the geo location part of the app is not running in the background like it should.

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Another user reported the Location Permission had changed from 'Allow All the Time' to 'Only while using the app' after the update. Just checked mine and found the same.

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I checked, and it was set correct. I am going to uninstall and reinstall .. we will see if that works.

Certainly happened on my phone.

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Hi - if you haven't considered this option, consider multiplexing presence detection using apps like "Combined Presence" or "Presence Governor". I've been doing this since May of last year and there hasn't been a single occasion when my HE has got my presence wrong.

They're not difficult to setup, and unless you like fiddling with stuff, you just set it and forget it.

Just a suggestion .....


I did. and I did it before, but the last version was working fine and didnt have any problems. now since the update, it just got worse. well, it stopped unless the app is open.

edit: I use Presences govener. but im not sure if thats even working.,

Here's my presence governor setup - which definitely works.

Apps on my phone:
Ashok's Alexa Presence (Alexa app)
Ashok's Pixel Presence (Hubitat app)
Ashok's Life360 Presence (Life360 app)

My daily driver car:
Ashok's C-Max Presence

WiFi Router checking for Presence
Ashok's Google WiFi Presence

Lock Code
My front door lock code

I understand. Bit it was working fine till the update. Having a dozen apps running in the background is not the solution I was looking for.

Are you in the app beta test? If so, and you really depend on reliability, you could opt out of the beta and it should revert to 1.3.2.

I think this latest one was a beta release. My wife's phone (not in beta) is not showing a pending update.


yes, I was on the Beta. I removed myself from that.. I will know when I get home.

With that being said, is there a place where I can find out where the updates are being pushed out, perhaps access to the APK's so I can see or not.

That was me. Once I fixed that it started working fine again.


Not that I'm aware of. If needed, you can get public apk's here

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I was wondering why my app was exhibiting this behavior, mine had also changed. Maybe when the app updates Android is resetting the setting?

as usual aaiyar is spot on I was having headaches with presence then I went a 3 to 4 device approach. I use presence governor app. And since then I haven’t had a missed presence in roughly 14 mos so I use life360, WiFi presence sensor app, Hubitat presence, Ifttt presence, and each of us has a Smartthings presence sensor I know some may think it’s over kill but like I said since it’s implementation not a missed presence or non presence.


I couldn't get that to work for me. I'm using advanced combined presence which never misses.


Man, I'm not sure if there is a way for Hubitat to avoid this permission from being changed in the future but I've been having presence detection issues as well, even with combined presence app and I see now it was because this permission setting changed on the app update. Hopefully Hubitat can avoid having this happen on future updates as I have to now run around and check everyone's phone in my house as I'm the only one who has a clue how to do this.

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my settings are correct, and GPS is allowed at all times, but no matter what the application does not change the presences unless the app is opened.

I will try again when I Get home, but I am not hopeful. I understand the use of several presence applications working in tandum, but I am not sure why this app does not want to work.

I hear you! Now that I've set up multiple presence sensors and am aggregating them, presence detection had been fairly reliable. However this isn't something on your radar when switching over to Hubitat since they advertise a mobile app that does geofencing. I understand there are issues with mobile phones killing apps to preserve batteries but if this is the reality and the Hubitat app won't actually work by itself to do Geofencing, then it shouldn't be advertised as a feature. there should be a disclaimer that your going to have to aggregate 2 or more presence detection devices.

I feel this is especially the case given there isn't a native presence aggregator app, you need to uses one of the community built apps for geolocation to actually work.


My app presence seems to still not be working correctly. Here is a screen shot from the phone app showing me entering the geofence area at 20:53:51 last night.


Here is a pic of the events in Hubitat Device for my phone. It shows me arriving at 8:57 which is 4 minutes later.

So it would appear that the phone app got the location correctly, but didn't get the info to the hub. Or at least that is how I have interpeted it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

By the way, Life360 reported to hub at 8:53 pm. Which is correct.

It can’t be a global problem because my SmartThings mobile presence is still working perfectly. I use that with Homebridge presence and have 100% reliability. Maybe it’s the fact that SmartThings has a set wait time before changing states. I think mine is set to 2 minutes. When I was using the HE app for presence I think I would depart and return before 2 minutes elapsed.
Is anyone seeing that issue in their events? Might be an easy fix. Hey @bobbyD couldn’t an adjustable departure delay be added to the driver to help with this?

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