Just got a new router

Just purchased a new router and can't find my hub. The old router had an 1.1 end this one has a 0.1 .. Do you think if I change the router IP back to the old router IP it will work?

simply press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds with a toothpick or paperclip (only round hole out of all the square ones) and when the light turns green open web browser and go to http://hubitat.local

Then set a reservation in the router

You might find this article to be helpful:

What is DHCP and how does it work?

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How about change your new router's IP address to xxx.xxx.1.1, then do a DHCP reservation of your Hubitat's MAC address in the new router.

Hub reset :+1: IP changed :+1: Working again.
I'll give it time before I check my ZigBee remotes
Thanks :pray:

Do a DHCP reservation for your hub...

You've mentioned this in other threads you created recently.

But just to reiterate what's been covered in those threads, whatever the underlying issue with your Zigbee battery-powered devices is, it's unlikely that having changed out your router is the direct cause of the problem.

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You're probably right. I'm hoping they work.
I have a Harmony remote for tv. I couldn't get it to connect because the ISP router had auto pick on 2.4 & 5. Put this new router in and added the Harmony hub to 2.4 and presto Houston we have ignition๐Ÿ˜Š

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