Just getting started with Hubitat, need help on Lutron Integrator

I've been using Lutron Radio RA2 for years. I had the initial setup done by a dealer with about 80 devices but have been adding and doing my own programming ever since. Up to 125 devices and 2 repeaters. I can control lights, shades, and HVAC. I've been wanting to do some integration with other devices in the home that are automated but not integrated, so I thought I would give Hubitat a try. I want to start with garage doors which use MyQ. Then proceed to pool controls, sprinklers, and maybe Ring or AV systems (mostly Harmony Elite Hubs but theater uses Roomie.

However, before I can do anything, I need to get Lutron connected with Hubitat. I've read the documentation (which doesn't appear current with the latest Lutron Connect app) and I've noted the required id and pw for Radio RA2, which is what I have. However, when I add a light and try to control it from Hubitat, I have no success. I suspect there is some connectivity problem (main repeater does have a static IP) but I can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Do you see anything in "Logs"? Something about a telnet connection failing or timing out would be a good clue that something is wrong (in which case I'd verify the IP address, the fact that Hubitat and the RA2 Main Repeater are on the same LAN and able to communicate with each other, etc.). But perhaps you'll see something else there that is helpful. You may need to look at the "Past Logs" (button) here to see more, and filtering by Lutron-related devices (like the Lutron Telnet device) or the app (if that even logs anything, which I can't remember off the top of my head).

If you have a RA2 main repeater don't use the Connect app settings. You should connect the Hubitat integration directly to the main repeater. It should look something like this.

You need to run the Lutron integration report from the RA2 designer to get all info needed (most of the good stuff is at the bottom)

If your having trouble connecting them download putty and ssh into the Lutron main repeater with the default lutron/integration creds. Once in you should see every command trigger from either a physical switch or HE command sent to RA2

Thanks, I did look at the logs but all they said were Telnet failed but no other debug info

I figured it out, thanks for the tips. I had the right device info but has entered the wrong static address for the repeater (I have two and entered the wrong one). Once I corrected that, all is working fine now. On to the next challenge and appreciate the help.