Just getting started. Already having issues

Just took the hub out of the box, plugged it in, found it on the network, and accessed the control console. So far so good. Then I created a new account and logged in. Well I must have done something to confuse the device, because now I can't discover it or add it to my account. If I manually discover it using the MAC address, I see it with the assigned IP. But when I click it I get an error stating "Please login to register this hub" buuuuut...I am logged in. Tried power cycling, logging out, logging back in. No change. Ouch. Not a great start.

Thanks for the help.

Can you access it by the IP address displayed when doing the MAC address Advanced lookup?

No. I can only find it. When I try to access it, it tells me to login, even if I am logged in.

If you type the IP address directly into your browser url, http://ip address/ does it load that way?


So you can access your local hub via its ip address. You are good. You can try rebooting but that error basically means the device you are accessing portal is on a different network than the hub. Which is why it can't be found in portal.

But if you can access it directly, you are good to go. Portal is just a means to find your hub IP address.

You should see the option to register the hub on the Hub UI via IP address as a message in the top right, with a red icon.

Interesting. Not sure why it would be on a different network. I'm no IT guy but it's all connected to the same switch / router. Oh well. Whatever works. Thanks for the help.

Once you have it registered, you can check portal in my hubs and see if it shows up there.

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