Just getting set up question about apps

I am a bit confused. I seems like the RM is there and RM 4.0 also what one do i use?

Also it seems some of the apps like Notifer and other over lap with RM? what one do i use? ?both combo?

use the one that best fits your needs. RM4.0 would be the latest version, so that would be the one to use, but it also uses more resources than other apps (e.g. motion lighting or simple automations). use RM4.0 as a last resort if possible, but i've found myself taking some simple automations to RM just for some extra checks and ease of use

I had the same question a couple of months ago, as a new HE user but with much home automation experience on other platforms. Personally, I decided to take the time to learn RM 4.0 and I'm glad I did. It takes a while and to me is not intuitive, but it's reasonably powerful.

I don't have all that many rules set up and spread them across across my three HE hubs (three buildings) so have not noticed a performance hit, but this might be something to consider if you will have many (I have no idea re that). Anyway, my logic was that I wanted to focus on just one Rules system, so why not go with the one that seemed most powerful?

Any new Rule will automatically be RM4.0 -- or whatever the latest is.. maybe 2-3 years from now, RM5.123 will be the latest.. and then, any new Rule will be created using RM5.123 and so on. However, all of the previous RM methods remain available.. thus in some imaginary RM5.123 world, all the RM4.0 Rules you create today will still work and still be editable using RM4.0 style.

For example, I'm a long term Hubitat user and have Rules from all vintages:

Including the original version of Hubitat's RM that has no version displayed :slight_smile: it would be RM2.0 I imagine, since RM1.0 was on SmartThings.


is there a way to make notification dynamic?

example i dont really care much if my wife or I unlock a door, but if i make an account (group?) any account i put in there will have xyz notifications?