Just a General Thanks

With the *sometimes over complexity that this platform has (which I am glad power users light years ahead of me can utilise and enjoy) - I am glad that there are users that take time out of their day to help others that are struggling.

I want to learn, and I do have a stab before coming and asking here, but this platform really would not be as enjoyable without the help from this community (*I am not one for coding or programming so a lot doesnt make sense to me - but i recognise the power of this platform and would rather have a stronger HA setup than one built for the mass market).

We all have different setups and that sometimes makes it hard to diagnose the initial problem - but people keep asking questions and chipping away until the problem shows up.

I am glad to be a part of this community and hopefully have something I can give back someday.


Here here. I couldn't agree more.


+1, this community is amazing.

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