JSON api and chat bot

Is there an app to give me a JSON api to devices in hubitat? preferably through the cloud endpoint? I did some checking in the community and found some older threads hinting that a smartthings app could be setup or that a dashboard app could be ported over but those topics were relatively old and vague.

I have been playing around with building a chatbot at www.rundexter.com I think that with a proper JSON interface it would be relatively easy to build a bot that you could query devices and issues commands from.

housepanel provides a pretty rich api

I used it to get alexa to interact a bit more with hubitat.

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I am getting closer, are the urls for housepanel documented anywhere?

@kewashi. Has the endpoint ap i documented pretty well. Once you get the structure figured out there is a call you can make that displays all the info you need to control most authorized devices.

The documentation in the wiki is pretty good and probably all you need. It documents how to gets device status and how to turn on lights and switches. It is missing using the tile variable which is easier than the long id values.

If you want to do something that isn’t described there just ask here and tell me what you are trying to do and I will help.

If you are comfy with reading code, just scan the bottom 10% of HousePanel.php where all the Ajax calls are handled. All api calls are Ajax calls so this is the ultimate doc.

Scanning this on the way into work it looks like I need to get the full housepanel webserver up and running. I can't go directly to the hub. Is that correct?

Correct - to use this you need to have HousePanel set up on a server - typically a rPI inside your firewall that can talk directly to your Hubitat hub. To install Hubitat can push all the access codes to HousePanel once you have it set up.