Joining new Lutron Caseta Dimmers

I apologize if this question was asked before but I wasn't able to find a topic on in.

I have a house with thick stone walls and just one Lutron pro bridge and I am trying to join new Caseta Dimmers or Switches to it in detached garage which appears to be too far away because I am not successful. Does the Lutron protocol require a direct connection to the hub for new devices to join or are intermediate devices repeating the join attempts and relaying them to the hub? In other words, if I join a new dimmer somewhere closer to the hub and then move it out to the garage later, would this solve my problem, similarly to how some Zwave devices behave?

I'm just trying to avoid buying a second bridge and dealing with that issue and wiring to it. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to overcome this problem?

Thank you

They offer a repeater.


The first plug-in lamp module that you connect to your Lutron Caseta Pro bridge will act as a repeater. That is all. They do not offer a repeater device for Caseta other than this mechanism. If you have 2 plug-in modules, only the first of 2 will act as a repeater. The in-wall dimmers will not repeat for Picos or other dimmers.

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@Ryan780 thank you. This whole time I was under the impression that in-wall dimmers are also repeaters and all form a sort of mesh. I don't now why I thought that. I will pickup a couple of lamp dimmers and position them accordingly. Thank you again for your help!

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This is not true anymore.

They do in fact offer a dedicated repeater now. It was just released last month.


For $85?!? So $10 than an entire new bridge? That's completely ridiculous and a complete waste of money. And it says it only works with the regular bridge, not the pro.

Lutron smart bridge (L-BDG2-WH) required


As @Ryan780 mentioned before. Only 1 lamp module will work as a repeater. Buying two won't gain you anything.

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Maybe. A light switch cost 70.

Actually $52.

My point is, the plug-in module also acts as a repeater and it is only $49. Plus, you can control another light! So, why spend $85 just for a repeater?

If it’s needed. Meaning he needs the extra coverage after adding a lamp module.

In comparison of investing into the RA2 system this is peanuts. I would pay three times this instead of investing into zigbee or zwave.

The specs make no mention of what bridge you need. At least I don’t see it.

Well, you're going to have an awfully hard time integrating contact sensors and locks and other devices if all you have is RA2.

And I would like to point out:

So, you can't add multiples of these either.

No, the advertisement in the Amazon listing you linked to earlier did. But, even if you can use it with the pro-bridge. it still makes no sense to pay $35 more for the EXACT same functionality. You can use a plug-in module or a repeater. Why chose the more expensive option? If the repeater were only $40 and the plug-in was still $50 or if you could have more than one repeater on the system, then I could understand buying a repeater module. But as it stands, it makes no logical sense to buy one.

According to their website you can use a dimmer AND a repeater to basically "triple" the range of the bridge

You mean a plug-in dimmer, correct? Not an in-wall dimmer.

Then it would only makes sense if you already had a plug-in and STILL needed more range.

As I said if you need it after already having a lamp module installed.

You’re over simplifying and twisting what I’m saying.

For devices that overlap Lutron, I would go Lutron over anything else.

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