Javascript-based color-coding temperature tiles

has anyone gotten the javascript injection working in the dashboard.
As an alternative to have hard coded with a million temperate templates in the css i wouild like to call a js function from the background color and thus
ie value y
return color #whatever

that way i would only need like 10 ranges and would be a lot less code than the hard coding
and would work with decimail values as well.

It's only 1,200 entries 7206 lines of code, 177744 characters (RGBA), or 109390 characters (hex) added to the JSON, but whos counting? Oh yeah HE cloud dashboards are counting! :rofl:

Your's must be a lot smaller with just whole number. But to answer your question no, no one has. We are all waiting on you to finish it! :wink:

That is outside the scope of smartly, but I know HubiGraph injects their locally hosted javascript file, and there is a thread for markus's JSInject device JS injection for Dashboard as a starting point.

mine are all not whole number .only the therm and wine coolers, freezers st814 which are the most important