java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace

@gopher.ny is there a limit on driver / app size?

I've a pretty big driver I'm trying to upload to one of my C4s on firmware and getting the attached error.

It could just be this C4 needs a reboot, it's been running a month now, but the memory usage seems pretty stable.

Haven't seen one of these in a while. The short answers is yes, a reboot will solve it.

Metaspace gets used up when apps/drivers get loaded but also when some Groovy dynamic features are used. It's an incremental process, and running a hub for a month+ while doing development can fill it up. Large apps/drivers create a metaspace use spike when compiled, but it usually goes down (if not entirely) after a few GC cycles.

Thanks for the fast reply and explanation!

Interestingly I use a C7 for development and that gets absolutely hammered and abused considerably, I don't recall the last time that got a reboot .... probably when I installed the last firmware release when it dropped.

The C4s on the other hand are my production / live hubs so I only tend to deploy drivers there once they're done. So that only happens occasionally. I guess the lower specs of the C4 mean it's more prone to the issue.

Is there a chance it will recover to a point where I can save this drover? Or is a reboot the only way out now?

Yes, Java heap and metaspace settings for C4 are lower.