Java errors for apps following update to version

I noticed that after updating my hub to version, the “Lock Code Manager” built-in application no longer loads and the “Z-Wave Poller” built-in application also produces a java error in the logs on start-up. I have attached screenshots of both errors.

I searched the forums and noticed that other people also had similar problems with the Lock Code Manager app after switching from 4 to 6 number codes on their Schlage BE469 Z-wave lock, which is the one and only lock that I currently have paired with Hubitat. I also recently switched from 4 to 6 digit codes. I switched the code length from 4 to 6 manually on the door lock and updated the setting on the Lock device within Hubitat; which was recommended on other threads. I believe that the update caused the java errors that I’m seeing because after changing the code length from 4 to 6 numbers, I was able to setup all of my codes using the Lock Code Manager app (before the latest firmware update).

Any advice? I have removed the Lock Code Manager app, rebooted the hub, and reinstalled the app multiple times and receive the same Java error when attempting to access the app’s settings each time. Thanks!

The second set of screen shot logs do not have anything to do with lock code manager or the lock.
the error notes is being generated by app:45, whatever app that is.

I suspect the errors being generated by lock code manager in the first screen shot are related to incomplete and or corrupted lock codes stored within the lock driver itself.

Please PM me a screen shot of the lock codes displayed in the device current state section of the driver details for the lock in question.

PM sent. Thanks!

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