Java Error with Shades in Rule Action

I created some actions in RM to raise/lower my Lutron shades in response to crossing a threshold in illuminance value from a virtual weather device. The trigger seems to work okay, but I'm getting the following error in my logs:

[app:43]( 06:09:29.739 pm [info]( Blinds is now False

[app:45]( 06:09:29.720 pm [error]( Command 'up' is not supported by device. (ruleActionsP)

[app:45]( 06:09:29.663 pm [info]( LR Street Blind: Actions run by Afternoon Blinds

[app:48]( 06:09:29.612 pm [error]( Command 'up' is not supported by device. (ruleActionsP)

[app:48]( 06:09:29.536 pm [info]( LR South Blind: Actions run by Afternoon Blinds

[app:43]( 06:09:29.422 pm [info]( --> Illuminance of Weather >= 2200 [false]

[app:43]( 06:09:29.331 pm [info]( Blinds: Weather illuminance 2169

[app:12]( 06:09:29.208 pm [debug]( event for DEVICE: 65 illuminance -> 2169

So the question is, why isn't "up" a supported command? Should I be using a different type of action? I'm currently using the action under "Control Motorized Shades" > "Lower this shade".

Update: I changed the action to a dimmer action and it works as expected, but still curious why the lower/raise shade actions throw errors.

That's a legacy command in rm, 2.0.9 will have a fix for this.

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Ah, thanks @mike.maxwell. Much appreciated. Hopefully we'll see that along with tilt support for blinds as well. :slight_smile: