Java error when trying to modify conditions in a rule

Getting the error listed below when trying to edit a Condition in a Rule Machine 4.0 rule.

error -- java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "[-5]" on line 545 (selectConditions)

You can only modify the conditions by going into the conditions section or by erasing the entire expression. That's how RM works.

What you most likely did here was to not go through the full process of creating the attribute before using the back arrow on your browser. I would remove the rule and start over again with a new one. Make sure to always click "done" when it's an option.

I did accidentally go 'back' without hitting the Done button. I figured it would remain in an edit state to prevent this error from occurring. I tried to copy it, but that copied the error. Luckily is is less than 30 lines long.

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