Java Error related to Zooz device

All of a sudden, I get the following when I push a Zooz device button. This has been working for quite a while.

errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method on() on null object on line 2025 (method basicHandler)

Could you please post a screenshot of the logs? The snippet you posted is not complete. I also removed the Zigbee tag from your post title, because I belive that Zooz devices are all Z-Wave, not Zigbee.


Here is the screenshot. Thanks.


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Thanks. I don't think is related to a specific Zooz button, but rather the app 984 is missing a device and can't turn on what doesn't exist. Mind sharing the details of app 984? Is likely that you've removed a device from your system and the app now has an empty field for the action to turn on devices.

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How do I find app 984?

In Logs click on the error tag and will open the app (if you click on any of the tags on Logs page, it will open the respective app or device).