Java crash

Well I heard a "hey the lights are not working" and noticed nothing was working and lucky for me had the webpage logs open and saw this. I was able to get to the diagnostics page and shutdown and then restarted and its back up now.


SQL error is a DB problem, of course. You should do a Soft Reset at your earliest opportunity. I don't know of it ever causing a problem, but be certain to follow the steps exactly.

And congrats on your April 3 yr anniversary here in the Community. I got here a slim 2 months before ya. :slight_smile:

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Thanks I did reboot and it came back up, I'll follow the soft reset instructions as well.

3 years!! didn't even notice that thanks! and congrats on yours too!

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I'll check it out...

Just completed the soft reset and then the restore of the DB and back up and running. Will keep monitoring

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The database file on your hub is growing, and quickly.
Can you try disabling devices 249 and 250? Those two seem to be responsible for the vast majority of database chatter. I'll try to make some optimizations for this scenario in 2.2.8.

I don't see any of those numbers in the DB but I have been making changes and removing things I don't need in there any longer as well.

Go to the Device Info of any of your devices...

you'll see a URL similar to:


"108" is my example, but you'll have a different number, change that to be "249", press enter and you'll see the device info for it. Then change the URL to use "250" and see what device that is.

Then, on the device list page, in the upper right corner you'll see:

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 9.45.53 AM

Click on that grey'd out X and it will go Red and a Disable column will appear at the left edge of all your devices. Go find the two identified and click the disabled box next to them.

Obviously if devices 249 and 250 have been removed already by your other work, then you don't have to disable them :slight_smile: