Jasco Zigbee Switch 45856 Factory Reset

I bought several Jasco 45856 from Amazon. Initially the Hubitat Elevation showed all three as available Zigbee devices. I entered a name for one and saved but the other two didn't have the field for typing the name. When I tried to reconnect to the remaining two I could not. I attempted to perform a factory reset on the switches. It took me quite a bit to figure out how to reset.

Jasco directs the user to perform 10x short presses on the top of the rocker switch to initiate the factory resect. Long story short: 10 pushes exactly. Not 11 not 15 not 9. Exactly 10. Then wait a couple seconds. The little blue light at the bottom of the rocker switch will blink several times every 7 seconds indicating that the device is ready to connect to a Zigbee network, thus confirming the factory reset.

Hopefully this will save time of other novices who may think rapid fire pressing an arbitrarily large number of times is enough to initial factory reset. Exactly 10 no more no less. Wait a couple seconds.