Jasco Z-wave Changes

So it looks like Honeywell switches have been discontinued (can't find a source, but the remaining couple are listed on clearance on Jasco's site), the Enbrighten switches are hard to come by, and a newcomer (Ultrapro) is now selling Jasco switches and dimmers.

Is a new model expected soon? Are they exiting the market? Is it just due to global supply chain issues?

Curious if anyone is in the know. My last house was all GE Z-wave plus, and this new house I'm just finishing up installing all Enbrighten/Honeywell equivalent dimmers. I've had a TERRIBLE time with flickering LEDs and have tried many different bulbs. Will be really bummed if I miss an updated dimmer by a couple months after I just installed about 30 switches/dimmers/add-ons... But would also be nice to know I'm not crazy that these dimmers aren't cutting it for LEDs.

I can't attest to your sanity, but the Jasco switches work just fine for me with LED bulbs. I've also got about 30 of them - mixture of the two generations of ZWave+ dimmers - and have no issues. Are you quite certain the bulbs you've tried are good quality dimmable LEDs?

Don't think so as they have a whole line of zwave 700 sensors coming out.

Maybe. I don't remember seeing any in the zwave cert reports, but all of the other zwave 700 Jasco devices are coming out right now, so it is definitely possible.

Philips LEDs are my go-to as I like the warm glow when dimmed, and they work perfectly with the newer Enbrighten dimmers. Funny enough, the 2 different GE bulbs I tried all did not work 100% with the newer dimmers. lol

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Personally, I will hold off a bit after introduction, before replacing my Smart Motion Dimmers and Switches, because Jasco doesn’t offer OTA firmware updates. I will let others shake out the 700 chip series firmware bugs.

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I will too, but more because all of my switches/dimmers are already replaced. I have no plans of proactively replacing with zwave 700, so other than buying a new model for my dev hub when it comes out - that's probably it for me (outside of break/fix).

I believe Honeywell Z-wave switches = Ultrapro Z-wave switches
All listing of Honeywell Z-wave wall switches on Amazon actually said Honeywell Ultrapro in the title.
Just like many "Honeywell" products, "Honeywell" is just a licensed name and have nothing to do with the actual Honeywell company and does not have warranty from Honeywell (Some "Honeywell" LED products I bought from Sams Club were like that)
The back of the switch said so and probably some company partnered with Jasco and licensed the name from Honeywell
The license agreement probably ended, so it's only called Ultrapro now.
And from what I've read, Honeywell branded might be the V1 and Ultrapro is V2 that is shorter in depth.

IMO, for the price of Honeywell/Ultrapro, and even more expensive GE, I'd rather buy the Zooz wall switches now on Spring sale.

I don't know but. Jasco dimmer switches have been no good. On/off switches are fine but over the course of one year every dimmer I bought died. Bought many was for a new build house. Not a single dimmer is still in use.

Liking zooz here of lately. Also FYI, I get a much faster response from the switch both electronic and physical with zigbee switches.

Phillips Warm Glow, GE Relax (current seeming best), some decorative ones from Sylvania, Cree bulbs (Wirecutter recommendation). None have worked cleanly from 1% to 99%. Based on the bulb type (and maybe number of bulbs in the fixture? still troubleshooting on that front) I have to change the min/max dimmer settings to avoid flicker at both the high end, which is strange, and at the low end. What brand are you using?

Same, I love the warm glow bulbs... But the new all glass ones have been giving me all kinds of trouble with my new switches. They have a weird flicker at somewhere between 80-90% while ramping up, so I set the max to 75% (not ideal), and they flicker at low levels, so my bedroom is set to a min of 20% because I still want the warmer bulbs in there. Otherwise, I've uninstalled all of them (I had dozens, they are my STRONG bulb preference, so I'm really bummed). Are you using any of the new glass ones?

That's a bummer... I had a house full of them before (z-wave plus v1) and a condo with them before (old school regular z-wave) and have literally never had one die on me. I love them, and I have always loved @JasonJoel's drivers for them (thanks again for all that work!).

The only strange thing about my system that I'm thinking of is that the previous owners installed a whole home surge protector. Maybe I'll try turning that off and see if it makes a difference. I'll update here, but don't have a ton of faith on that front.

Nope, mine are all older (6-12 months old). Didn't even know there was a new one.

No, the Honeywell ones sold at Costco recently were all the new quick fit / short depth models. So there were both V1 and V2 Honeywells.

Maybe this has something to do with it. Upon further inspection, the GE Relax actually do have a flicker barely visible (can see on slo-mo camera easily) when at full brightness, whereas the new Phillips warm glow still do not. But I do still have the strange flicker out when they are turning on, somewhere between 80-90%. I turned off the whole house surge protector, so I don't think it's that.

It happens here at about 2.5-3s into the video. It's more obvious live than in this recording, and not something that my wife is OK with! https://youtu.be/5TYPNH99LeQ

Looks like I'm back to using Warm Glow and returning the GE's, but I basically have to set all my dimmers to a max of 75%, which is disappointing. Definitely interested if anyone else has had this issue. But good to know I can order the UltraPros to match for the rest of my house!

Second the Philip's bulbs on no flickering. Their great.

Not ignoring the question, but you are already getting better, more timely, recommendations than I could provide as most of my bulbs have been in place for quite a while, It's a mixture of Cree, GE, Philips, maybe EcoSmart. If memory serves, I've had some stinkers in every brand (e.g. my favorite and least favorite bulbs were Cree). But again, no recent purchases that would justify any recommendations from me.

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Me too, unlike GE/Jasco, Zooz actually has firmware updates and very responsive support. Only ever had to exchange 1 toggle dimmer, but they were great.
My favorite is Inovelli, also excellent support and great products.