Jasco/GE Decora Smart Switches - Blue covers?

Bit of a long shot here. I know GE sells color change kits for their switches, but they don't come in blue. I've got a wainscot wall in a bathroom that's blue. I'd like to match the switch if I can. Anyone come up with any creative solutions to this? I suppose plan B is I could go with black to blend in a bit better.

Do you have the switch plate in the right color already, or do you need that too? I know that paintable switch plates are a thing.

Since you got a spare paddle with the switch, you could try spray painting it to see if that would work at all. I'd imagine the paint wouldn't adhere very well.

I need that too. Ya I saw the paintable covers, but figured that wouldn't get me what I needed given the paddle switch. I suppose I could use a toggle smart switch combined with a paintable cover. Because ya - painting a toggle paddle isn't going to go well I don't think.

Buy a can of Krylon Fusion all-in-one spray paint. It is designed to spray on plastics.


Thanks Joe - your tip sent me down a bit of a youtube rabbit hole and it does seem like with the proper prep, paints, etc. that I could potentially paint covers. Might be a fun weekend project and since it's just one switch and the covers are cheap it's not a big deal if it doesn't work out. Thanks!

The Krylon paint is amazing. I've painted many things. 22 years ago did all the steam radiators in my house, they still look fantastic!

I used the fusion paint on vinyl chair cushions, held up amazing. DON'T use rustoleum, it's not as good. The paddles on the Inovelli dimmers and switches can carefully be popped off.

You could also 3d print the switchplate, but would need to find the right color blue filament, and some libraries have 3d printers you can use for free