Jasco Enbrighten Zigbee Switch Issues

A little back story for reference...

I added around 36 Jasco Zigbee switches to replace zigbee bulbs due to guests turning off the switches to the bulbs and I would have to reconnect them etc. Plus, I thought this would be good for my zigbee network emboldening it with repeaters.

It has since caused all kinds of issues with my zigbee devices. Several of the new switches would lose connection and I would have to reset them and re-pair them. In our master bath I now have 8 switches and 6 motion sensors in place and since changing the bulbs I have had issues with the old motion sensors all of the sudden disconnecting and having difficulty re-pairing etc even though they have worked fine for a couple of years.

Even though my rssi and lqi numbers are great, I moved my hub and added an outlet and for the last couple of day's the motion sensors and switches have stayed connected for a couple of days, but another issue has arisen - one switch will turn on and off fine by going to the device details, but automations that were working for a couple of days with it stopped.

An example would be a virtual switch that turns on a few switches, this one included... it now turns on the other switches but not this one. The Webcore log shows that it executed the command, but nothing happened. immediately after that I go to the device details and turn it on and it works fine.

+177ms ║║Executed physical command [AA J Vanity].on() (7ms)
+178ms ║║Executed [AA J Vanity].on (9ms)

I realize that I may have more than one issue here, but this is certainly perplexing.

Ok, are you still using any zigbee bulbs??

Yes - I took out over 30. I probably have somewhere around 45 remaining. They are all Sengled.

Hmm, the combination of switches not in smartbulb mode coupled with smart bulbs may be an issue. In the mean time, shut down and unplug your hub (at the wall not the hub) for about 30 mins. This will throw all your zigbee stuff into panic mode. Bring your hub back up and let it settle for a few hours and see how things are.

Ok, Ill give that a shot again. I did that before I moved the hub and it didn't change anything. For the record, the bulbs work fine - it's the switches, motion sensor and contact sensors that are having issues and all of the ones having the issues are within 30' or less of the hub.

Make sure every bulb is on when you turn the hub off

ok thanks.

So I tried what you suggested and have tried moving the hub a few places to no avail. It worked for a week or so then issues re-appeared. It is so odd. The hub is literally within 5-20 feet of every device that dropped.

A couple of days ago lights in the bathroom stopped working. 3 switches had to be reset and re-paired.

5 iris motion sensors that have worked flawlessly for 4 years not only disconnected but 3 of them, when I removed and replaced the battery fully reset themselves - 2 of them I couldn't recover, they would show that they paired again, but then would keep resetting themselves.

1 contact sensor lost connection and had to be re-paired, and another closet switch had to be reset and re-paired.

I had almost zero issues before putting these new zigbee switches in. It seems like a domino effect may be happening, like one switch is buggy then other things start to fall - I have kinda wrote that off because I thought zigbee was self healing and would find another path (there are also 2 zigbee outlets within 10 and 15 feet of the hub. I also have zigbee devices in my basement etc that are much farther away and I have zero issues.

Any help appreciated,

I’m betting that it’s the Enbrighten switches. For one, you didn’t have problems prior to adding them; secondly, other people have reported similar issues here to what you’re describing when using large numbers of them; Thirdly, my one Enbrighten Zigbee dimmer (I only have one of the new ones) is the only device on my mesh that keeps changing routes and it’s 8 feet from the hub (no walls). It has never disconnected, but it’s made me suspicious enough of it that I haven’t bought any more.
If you can’t/don’t want to return them, you could always buy a second hub just for them, or enough of them to stop the issues.
If you have ones that are further from the hub, maybe they will be more stable with fewer available routes to the hub.

Ken - I agree. I already have 3 hubs here - 1 in my house. one in my garage and one in my barn BUT, I think you make a great suggestion. the hubs are inexpensive and that could be a viable option.

Thanks for the feedback

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I've used a couple of the jasco outlets, but honestly since the switches were always problematic, I just stuck with Lutron and haven't looked back. I keep saying they're tanks. They're fast and I've not had a problem in the 12 years I've been using them. Pico's are equally excellent.

@jimmckinney I'm having the same issue with many Jasco Zigbee Switches/Dimmers. This seems to be a problem with the newer models. I'm looking for a solution to this problem.

Do you have any updates?

@tmatei85 I put them all on a hub that only had a few devices and I still have problems with a couple of them. I found that Hue motion sensors don't disconnect like the Iris ones did, but I still have a couple of switches that have to be re-paired once every couple of weeks. I am going to move away from these switches, but with 36 of them it's gonna take a bit of labor, so I've been dealing with it for now.

@jimmckinney I have 32 switches and dimmers together and I'm having slowdowns. See this thread:

I even tried to upgrade to C8 hub and it seems to make things worse.

@bobbyD I think this is the root cause of the issues. I've also attached the Zigbee Network Graph. The way I interpreted this is that these devices routes keep changing.

I'd love to get this fixed, but I'm not sure where to go from here.