Jasco considering making firmware updates available to support Instant Status now that Lutron's patent has expired

I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this but in this reddit post Jasco mentions making firmware updates available that supports instant reporting. The concern on Jasco's end seems to be the "how" of getting the firmware to the device. Is this something Hubitat could support? Given the popularity of the GE dimmers this would be awesome.


Nice find. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they find a way to allow owners to apply these updates.

Nice. What a firmware tease though! :grin: "We aren't real keen on doling out firmware as we're always changing and making improvements on our devices (especially as patents expire)"

"we're always changing and making improvements" Uhhhh, isn't that the literal definition of what a firmware update is all about?

Yeah, you would think. And nothing says you're limited to releasing only ONE update. Promising nonetheless.

My guess is they are hesitant to offer the firmware directly to consumers because that could then put them on the hook for customer support when people have some kind of issue upgrading.

As they pointed out, there’s a variety of z-wave controllers that could be used to flash a firmware upgrade, they’re all a bit different, etc. It could get complicated quickly for their support reps.

It would be nice if OTA updates were more widely supported by various hub manufacturers.


Exactly. I'm sure that guy's not doing them any favors by even mentioning that it's available. Now they're going to have a flood of requests for this new firmware, making their support reps spend a lot of time explaining why they can't give it out and dealing with more angry customers that are being denied it.

There's a good reason for keeping your cards close to your chest!

I’m really not much of a Reddit user, so it wasn’t even clear to me who the person that started that thread was.

I guess he works for Jasco?

Appears so, yes.

So the big question.... does hubitat support OTA firmware options for devices?

Actually thats not a big question, but I noticed on the other hub they would do updates that did this. But it was always when they updated the hub firmware.

I don't think this is going to be that easy.

What's Hubitat's official position on OTA Z-Wave updates? This might be a good opportunity for them to open a dialog with Jasco. I would think that adding OTA update capability to the Hubitat hub would be a distinguishing feature. Granted it would only be for GE/Jasco but it might be a great jumping off point for getting other manufacturers on-board.

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Hubitat does not currently support OTA device firmware updates.

Is it possible to flash Z-Wave 1.0 (Nonplus) devices?

I get that but am hoping someone from Hubitat will weigh in on whether they have any desire to do this. Pretty much seems like a 3 way win-win for Hubitat, it's users, and device manufacturers.

I only have a few GE devices and it would be a nice to have but would not result in much of a change in my system.

However, I don't see Hubitat getting involved at this point. If Jasco doesn't have a plan then I think it would be unwise for Hubitat to jump in. I also believe Hubitat resources could be better spent. Just my personal opinion.

For example Aeon's approach:
When I purchased my Aeon multisensor 6, to update the firmware I needed a Aeon program (free download) and a Z-Stick (I bought one on eBay). Completely separate from any hub (VeraPlus at that time).

It will be interesting to see how quickly the apply it to the product currently in the manufacturing pipeline.


Asked and answered.


Anyone heard anything new from Jasco? I emailed their support a week ago and got back a completely non-sensical answer saying that they just released new devices and those were updated. :confused:

I don't know how one does a firmware update on a device that does not support firmware updates...

If Jasco hasn't released updates for devices that are updatable by now, I doubt they ever will...

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I mean. The devices technically support firmware updates (as Zwave+ devices). I’m just wondering if anyone else got a more sensical answer from Jasco.

Some have said they old work with hub manufacturers, but I can’t even find if any of those actually have firmware updates for Jasco devices.

Reason I ask, I have a couple circa 2016 Zwave plus dimmers, and would really love to get the firmware updated on them. I assume there’s no way to dumb the firmware off an up to date one (short of via SPI or something)?

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