Jade or Jay from Santa Clarita?

Heard someone here on Stacy Higginbotham‘s podcast asking about Keen vents, Ecobee sensors and an outdoor sensor.

Bugged that Stacey and Kevin still haven’t tried Hubitat and give advice based on a gap in knowledge. Recommending you buy an expensive Netatmo that isn’t anymore integrated with HE than any other outdoor weather station you said you didn’t really want.

I don’t know if you’ve posted here. Couldn’t find a post that sounded like your situation exactly. If you happen to see this, reply back and let the community here that actually know the hub, actually help you out.

My first thought for you is a simple and inexpensive Xiaomi or similar Zigbee temp sensor under an awning would be fine for Santa Clarita.

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Totally agree. I feel that way sometimes about a number of questions they answer. But they try and it’s hard to keep on top of everything that is out there. Sometimes just reading about how something should work doesn’t mean it works that way in the real world.

I still enjoy the show though.

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