iZone Integration (or not)

Have just put in Air conditioning (Ducted) that has an iZone controller (Myzone3 app).

I was about to embark on an Hubitat adventure and smarten up a 5 year old house. I want it local and very little cloud based (response time reasons), but I do want to be able to activate via voice(so yes I know I have to open some stuff up). The less WiFi I have the better far as I am concerned. How can I control my A/C from Hubitat ? Otherwise Hubitat is dead in the water.

What do I need to do to make that happen(in big picture terms, not minutae). I can code if I have to, rather not, but I can.


There was an old driver that stopped working with 2.2.8

@gslender is rewriting one at the moment. The beta has been working fine for me https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gslender/hubitat/main/beta/izone-ac-universal-parent.groovy

I'm using the iZone app though, didn't realisle they had a MyZone3 app, which appears to look exactly like the izone app.

Thank you Ben,
Thats good to see, at least something to go with for Hubitat. I want to go non Cloud as much as possible.

Thanking you for your time.

Kind Regards

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