It's a feature

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This is one reason I don't want cloud connections that I cannot trust and verify. Anyone that reads the Google terms of service for consumers it demonstrates that you aren't their customer only source of data.

I would be surprised that somewhere in the TOS that you are giving them the rights for other purposes such as training machine learning.

Just terrible.

Chill out. The reason why Xiaomi cameras isn't showing on Googles devices at the moment is because Xiaomi had a bug that sometimes the wrong videostream was showing; so sometimes a strangers video was showing when you wanted your steam. Google didn't want that and disabled Xiaomi cameras until they fix it. :slight_smile:
I have total understanding why you don't want such features, but instead of going "it demonstrates that you aren't their customer only source of data" is just lame in my opinion. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


That makes it sound like a client-side bug on Google’s end, and anyone who intentionally wanted to pull a video feed—even via stills, as the poster submitted—could abuse this. That’s some 1984-level bad, if it’s the actual case..