Item counter on Dashboard possible?

Hey Guys, longtime not seen.

I have a new challenge for you pros out there.

I want to show an Item list with essential household stuff on it and how many items I have. You know, stuff like how many rolls of garbage bags do I have in stock aso.

I imaging a fixed text with up down arrow to shift the numbers. Any apps for that or RM ideas?


Depending on how sophisticated you want to get, this sounds do-able with Rule Machine and a couple virtual devices or just Rule Machine with a global variable and a connector. Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Create a virtual device to display the value/number on the Dashboard. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but an easy, built-in way is a Virtual Dimmer (using the level attribute if you plan on values <= 100) or a Virtual Omni Sensor (using the variable attribute--a string you can set to whatever you want). You could call this device something like "Garbage Bag Count." Alternatively, create a global "Garbage Bag Count" number variable in Rule Machine, and create a Global Variable Connector to get something usable on the Dashboard.
  2. Create two virtual buttons: maybe one called something like "Increment Garbage Bag Count" and another called "Decrement Garbage Bag Count." Set the "Number of Buttons" on both of these to 1 for the sake of simplicity, though anything is really fine. You could also just make one "Garbage Bag Count Adjuster" button and use, say, button 1 pushed for increment and button 2 pushed for decrement. The downside here is you might not like how the name displays on the Dashboard.
  3. Create a Rule (either Button or Button Device would work here; this might be a rare case where Button is better) to handle adjusting your virtual "count" device in response to your virtual button(s). Depending on what you did for step 1, there are a couple different possibilities here:
    • for a virtual dimmer, do an "Adjust level" action and adjust by -1 or 1 to go down or up
    • for virtual omni sensor, I'd probably track the "real" number in a local variable in the rule, increment or decrement this variable based on the button events, then assign this value to the variable attribute of the omni device
    • for the RM global variable with a connector, just adjust the value of the variable directly
  4. On the Dashboard side, create a tile for either your virtual "count" device or global variable connector with the appropriate template. For the increment/decrement buttons, use the Button template and the appropriate button number when prompted/

If you go the global variable + connector route, you might not need step 2 or 3 at all, but doing so provides a convenient way to tap a big button and increment or decrement the value. Also, I'm not sure how familiar you are with RM or virtual devices, so if I should have explained anything above in better detail, let me know!

Note that I have never actually done anything like this, so this is is just me imagining a few ways this could be done. Others may have better/easier ideas or more practical things they've done in real life. (The all-virtual-devices idea was the first one that popped into my head, but global variables and connectors are newer and might be a better idea here. Oh, and if you want to customize a Dashboard label, check out Smartly--might be more than you really need here, but I think it could address that need, and there's little harm in trying it out; back up your "old" dashboard JSON before for an easy way to go back if you don't like it.)


Thanks Bert, though it will be something like that.
It seems it isn't tha big of a deal... I try it later today.

If I can do it i will finally give up and do a apartment dashboard on a e ink display.

I report back.