ITEAD (Sonoff) is releasing a zigbee 3.0 bridge and zigbee motion/contact/temp-hum sensors

I have ordered 3 Tradfri repeaters from IKEA, ao I hope these will sort out the mesh network. I will use the Sonoff Zigbee switches as an extra if need be.
The strange thing is some of my Zigbee devices would router through the Sonoff switch even though they closer to the Hubitat hub than the Sonoff switch?

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They do seem to be "favored" by some devices, I see the same, coupled with IKEA Repeaters it works well, but on their own I've had issues if the Sonoff one can't reach the mesh properly.

I want to buy some humidity sensors but I don't want the craziness of xiaomi sensors on my network.

Are these better than xiaomi? A lot of times these companies recycle the products with a new name slapped on the same hardware.

I have Konke temperature/humidity sensors. They're zigbee 3.0, and work fine with any repeater on Hubitat. The only restriction to their use is they only work on zigbee channels 15, 20, and 25 (i.e. the ones with the least likelihood of WiFi interference).

Priced very similarly to Xiaomi.

Sonoff definitely need to get these into AliExpress!
I'm very interested to see how they perform given they are at a good price point.

Will wait for your feedback on these sensors. They look promising

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They may have cost 5-10x but they were sold 10,000x or more....

Rather make $10 on 1 Million units than 50 on 10000....

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My Sonoff temp & humidity sensors arrived today! No issues pairing. I tried a few different built in drivers. With the SmartThings Humidity Sensor driver Iā€™m getting temp and battery reports, but no humidity, so it seems likely that it will need a custom driver.


have you tried the generic zigbee motion/temperature driver?

Good to know they paired though, might have to order some i reckon.

Those prices are hard to pass up. I wonder if the motion sensor includes light level.

Yes, and that has similar results, only temperature (not sure about battery though).

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You may have done this already, but it's worth asking: did you hit "Configure" after you switched drivers?

I have a few of these Zigbee devices coming soon (and I know Markus and some others said they did too), but my tracking information still doesn't say anything, so I'm guessing I have a while to wait yet. :slight_smile:

Good question. At first I didn't, but I did go back an apply the generic driver, hit configure, and waited for it to check in again (temp update) and I got no humidity.

RE: shipping... It took 10 days from receiving a shipment notification to arrival (in California).

I have been trying, they don't sell them domestically, yet. Once I get them to sell them to me, I will order them.

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Can you try @muxa's driver for the Konke temp/hum sensor? Like the Sonoff, it is also zigbee 3.0.

I just tried that driver and let it run for several hours. No humidity, unfortunately. It was worth a try at least.

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Sonoff finally released these for sale domestically in China, I ordered one of each, should be here in a few days to have a look. :slight_smile:


Great news? So they are on AliExpress? Really keen to try the motion sensor and hope it properly supports zigbee 3!

That I don't know, I ordered them on Taobao. They are available on for international shipping, but not for China.

They might, I hope they fall back properly to HA 1.2 since HE is not a Zigbee 3.0 controller. I did get the gateway from Sonoff as well, that one claims to be Zigbee 3.0, will have a look at that. I have a TI CC2538+CC2592 Zigbee stick I can flash a ZB3.0 coordinator firmware on to use on Linux/HA, but not sure when I will have time to play with that one... Due to the security requirements in ZB3.0 there are limits to the number of devices that can join a mesh, so not sure it will be an improvement except for the security part.

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