Itchy finger syndrome

Well is conference season here in the USA and I have been floating from one conference to another and the pressures is on to "upgrade" some hubitat's while I am out of town. I keep telling folks please wait until I am back. I even thought of it while sitting in the hotel room with the finger hovering over "upgrade" and that little voice stating "don't do it"

It's good to see the last update come down in time for CEDIA which I wasn't able to make and can't wait to get the dev box updated for testing. I defiantly need to get on the band wagon and to come up with a good strategy for how to use Room Manager vs. Groups and Scenes just incase someone purchases a new Hubitat and asks for services. I have a guy in Florida right now that just picked up two new hubs and can't wait to get started.

Oh darn there is that red notice again. Don't click on the update, don't click on the update..


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I have a better solution...

Remove the tape when you get home and have time to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.


In over three and a half years I believe I have only had a stuck upgrade twice so the odds are low. I bet if you are remote that it increases the chance of Murphy visiting something like 10x.

Add on to that, numerous times I have experienced some rule not running correctly after an upgrade or something not quite right.

I would resist until you get home.

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Reminds me of the time I left for a 2 week vacation and knocked the plug out of the wall that fed the UPS that powered my router.

I had no idea there was a problem for 3 hours, then the system went offline. No automation (smartthings), no remote access to my security cameras, no remote access to my entertainment archive (Plex)...

Do it when you get home.


Be strong my friend, be strong. :sunglasses:

I actually have updated my hubs remotely once or twice, but only when both my wife and I are out of town together for a short trip, so if something blows up while we're gone it won't last too long, and most importantly it won't affect her. :slightly_smiling_face:




I still have nighmares of Vera updates while out of town. I still believe in the strategy if it works don't change it. The one farm we did in Michigan hasn't been updated in a year. There are still those that believe in updating for updates sake. But you know nature kicks in when you see that notification and all the cool kids updating.

I defiantly was to explore the new "table" views of rules to see if the visual view is an improvement over indented If Then Else statements.

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I think this is a great improvement in clarity and ease of use when modifying rules. For me, anyway, the table is a big win. Doesn't solve all of RM's UI issues, but a definite improvement.


I fixed a check engine light like that. Customer didn’t want to spend anything and the car was running fine. Put a piece of electrical tape over the light.

I guess that was pre ODBII inspections?

I would never do that for someone. I might mention it though.

I really am getting tired of my TPM light being on. I won't fix the bad sensor till I need new tires though.

Haha. Too funny. My car won’t let me take it out of comfort mode with a TPMS issue. A deal breaker for me.

220k miles, It can wait. (Pretty sure the current tires have about 50k on them.)
I check the pressure monthly, I have a long commute.

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Yes. Was an old beater belonging to a friend. Around 1982 or so.

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Well I got back into town Friday night. Sunday was a quiet day here and I updated both the Dev and Prod Hubs. Now I get to see the new hieroglyphics of editing rules:

Time to start digging into room's vs. groups and scenes.


I first heard about that trick from Car Talk... miss those guys.


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