It’s been 3 days

Since I’ve been in a lovely rented cabin to celebrate the holidays. I’ve regularly called out to Alexa to kill the lights or to run a routine. I have walked into the bathroom for the 10th time and stood in the dark waiting for the lights to come on. Bedtime is the darkest time, since I have to walk around and kill all the lights on 3 levels like some kind of sad individual with no home automation! I have days left, my relatives think I’m losing it constantly calling out to this “Alexa” I fear I won’t make it. Send Alexa, send Lutron and for heavens sake send Hubitat for help!


I would imagine the logs are on the fire


Could be worse, my friends house has Alexa but no automations. Constantly hearing "I don't know how to do that" or device not supported. Finally crawl into bed and realize Have to get out of bed to turnoff wall switch. I feel your pain, keep the faith, there will be an end to your suffering!