It is done! Unplugging the "other" hub tonight!

Well, I finally got everything moved. It all is working better than ever. So far, there's only 2 things missing that I had with ST (really only one)

  1. integration - I've tried porting the ST app with no luck; hoping I can figure out another way for this -- otherwise, we always seem to forget to set it when we leave.
  2. Native hubitat presence (similiar to ST) - I'm using Life 360 for the wife and I, but my two older kids live with their mother and getting them to install Life 360 is a fight I don't want to have to have with their mother...

But the good news is - everything migrated! Everything working well - faster and LOCAL!

Loving my hubitat!


Give the kids ST presence sensors (they work fine on HE)


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Doesn’t have an ifttt channel?


No (IFTTT), I'm trying to figure out how to do this. does have geofencing, but it will just give a reminder to set the alarm. I got really used to having ST set it automatically when we left the house.

I hadn't even thought about the ST presence sensors. I think I actually have one... somewhere... I haven't seen it since we moved a year ago.

BTW, Andy - I find myself using a lot of Cobra apps! Appreciate all you do!

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Thanks, I’m glad you find them useful :slight_smile:

One reason to keep the ST hub running is to use it to add to Presence Central.
I use ST phone presence, L360 and ST presence sensors combined into one virtual presence sensor which I then use in my apps


I tried last night using the hub link app to show presence from ST to see if I could use it in Hubitat, but it showed all four as "present" in HE (Wife and I were here, two kids were not, and showed not present in ST), so I don't know how well that will work. Maybe I did something wrong - I didn't try to troubleshoot or anything, just deleted the link...

I’ve found it to be very reliable (as reliable as ST presence can be - although it always worked for my wife and I)

I’ve had ST ‘pushing’ presence to my HE for as long as I’ve had my hubs

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Never understood the "I have to turn off the old hub" thing. I paid for it. Doesn't cost anything but electricity. I use my ST hub for stuff that HE can't do. And still use WebCore presence sensors (the most reliable and flexible ones I've ever had) and a few other things. Agree with Cobra...take advantage of it while you have it. Who knows... soon there may be a HE app with presence and you won't need it. :slight_smile:


Retiring a hub is symbolic. It proclaims “I am moving forward!” Kind of like moving all your junk from an old car to a new car when your lease is up.


This literally made me LOL and also think that I never use that junk in the first car...but move it to the new car anyways...


What type of phones? If iPhones, you may want to look at Locative as it is a direct integration between your phone and Hubitat, using the Hubitat Maker API app on your hub.

The same technique can also be used on Android using Tasker to call a webhook based on a geofence. I don't have those details as I am using iOS, but I believe some others have tried it successfully.

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grrrr, I have one of those too... I took this approach...if I'm paying for the phone I'm doing what I want with it. Keeping tabs on the kids isn't horrible. If she is paying for the phone...good luck :smiley:

In addition to keeping ST around for the cloud integrations it does well, it's useful for providing OTA firmware updates for several Zigbee devices (ST, Osram and Iris). Also, I have ST run an automation to periodically 'poke' a Hubitat virtual switch (via the Other Hub app) and expect a 'poke back' within a certain interval from a Hubitat automation (WebCoRE! I figure if WebCoRE is functional on my Hubitat, all its other automations are probably functional as well). Should that fail, ST should send me a notification that something isn't working as intended. I also use Hubitat to monitor ST in a similar manner.

how ironic right.. using one system to monitor the reliability of the other.

You could even put the Hubitat on a smartplug and have ST reboot it if it goes completely dark. Ohhh the hubmanity...

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I bet we could build a crazy routine where the 2 hubs just constantly reboot each other and notify us through Apple Home app and Alexa. saying “The hubs are fighting again!”


I sold mine on ebay, got $80 for it..........(In Australia, where until yesterday, the other hub is technically not available).

Can I sell mine in Australia?? :smiley: (kidding)

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It could cause some degree of interference with the HE hub’s zigbee or z-wave radios. A minor point but one worth considering.

And for some of the cloud-based integrations that ST supports, I believe an active hub isn’t even required, just a hub location (from what I’ve read, can’t say that from personal experience).

I know you can turn one of the radios off. Zwave I believe. I just put mine in a metal rack in the basement. Not much RF leaving there.

Yes some of the cloud based stuff is no hub required.

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