It finally occured, Hub lockup.Months without an issue

~0157 EST, logging shows nothing till I unplugged, and repowered the Hub at 0530.
I renamed about 6 RM rules, I wonder, as I used some "<>,><,." type characters in the names, if that could be the issue.
Rule was "Lasko 60 off" Became "Lasko <60 Then OFF".
"Lasko 62.5 off" became "Lasko 65.5><70 Then OFF"
and several others similar, all done within about 10 min of each other at about 2200.

It is my belief that it got half way thru a Rule, probably the one that uses a Aeon MS6 to detect me moving around the area, and fired 1 switch of 4 and 1 Hue bulb of 2
(Some control of order of execution would be a feature request, or knowledge of the default order of execution would be helpful. (Where is that post that I read months ago!))

I did get to test the "System Restart" set of rules that brought the house to the appropriate levels and mode. Worked great!

This system has been working great, I have <30 devices, and a lot of Rules (as they are free) I cannot remember if I ever had a glitch that I did not immediately know what I had done to it. Have not added any devices recently (2 weeks). The latest revision is showing as available, currently running

Thank you for your help with this, and for a fantastic HE system.

and again.

v2.0.8.112 Has a memory change that seems to have mitigated the crash potential of the previous releases.

A meer fly in the ointment, any way I look at it.
System works great. First hang or problem.
Thank you for the information.
Here is hoping. Did just update the second hub. I usually wait at least 20 min before updating the primary :wink:

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