It DOES support "flash" and "strobe" b u t Aeotec Micro G2 Switch DSC 26103 not pairing correctly

Joined 2 of these tonight and both joined as "device". I love these because they do support flash and strobe modes, and are ideal as alerts for HSM. And they also respond very very fast.
They work fine after changing driver to Aeon Micro Switch, but guess the fingerprint is not recognized correctly. They are labeled V2.14
Here is the fingerprint

I would try excluding the device and re-joining it. If it doesn't assign the driver automatically then, just go into the device edit page and re-assign it to the Aeon Micro Switch driver. That's what Aeotec used to be called. Just make sure you save the change and then hit configure and the device should work then.

Thanks Ryan. Like I said above, it does work fine. But I was hoping, for our less tech savvy adopters, that
@mike.maxwell might update the fingerprint.

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