Issues with zigbee bulbs

You can probably achieve the same result by doing a physical reset on the bulbs, then putting the hub into pairing mode.

Much less time consuming than removing the devices from the hub first, which would also require fixing any automations that included the bulbs.

Edit: FWIW I agree with Mike that this behavior is more likely related to zigbee mesh issues than anything specific to hubitat. When I moved some zigbee devices over from ST to hubitat I found that some flaky behavior by zigbee devices (including some bulbs) was mostly fixed by adding a few zigbee repeaters.

Zigbee mesh issues can be solved, I’m not so sure about ST cloud instability so I’m sticking with hubitat.

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I had issues early on with zigbee bulbs dropping but was able to sort them out using the zigbee logging in the settings. I kept a logging tab open and watched the rssi and lqi values. My conclusion was that I needed to connect Crees directly to the hub if possible, and Osram bulbs are crappy repeaters. If @mike.maxwell or @JDRoberts need to correct me on my methods, please do. I don’t want incorrect info on here.

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RSSI Is just signal strength. Higher is better.

LQI is the result of an assessment of the link quality. Lower is better. ( less variation from the expected value)

Interference usually means a higher LQI (higher is bad) because the message is damaged by the interference.

See the edge case examples in the following:

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Thank you! I knew I’d mess that up. Hence, the tag. :crazy_face:

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I haven't yet. I don't think this is a hubitat issue.

I believe this is the root cause. I'll link a thread I found on the smart things forum about bulbs in general. I think the issue is that as I added more bulbs, they went from being connected to the hub, to be connected to each other and then the hub, which is causing issues since they're poor repeaters. The hue hub apparently controls bulbs slightly different, and it seems to fix the issue, at least according to a few people in the other thread. I was able to get a hue hub for under $40 shipped, so I figured I'd try it before switching over to z-wave switches or changing to a different brand bulb.

Here's the thread in question:

And while trying to find that I found this, which seems to explain the problem exactly.


This one may also be useful:

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What @qtrain2391 meant was, he would pair the Cree bulbs with with a Hue Bridge and then use the Hubitat Hub's integration with the Hue Bridge to control the bulbs. Not sure if you guys are talking about a the Cree bulbs with the 4Flow design, but I have one of those. It shows up in the Hue Bridge app, but did not show up in the devices list with Hubitat's Hue Bridge integration, so it is now directly paired with Hubitat instead of the Hue Bridge.


Those are the ones. I also have several GE Link bulbs. Going to try both.

Just an update. After switching things over to the Hue Bridge, I've had almost 0 issues.


Still having luck with this? I've got GE/Cree/Sengled, and all are dropping off, more than usual lately.

I actually started using Groups to setup some of them, and those are even LESS reliable for some reason.

Interesting... I am also using a combination of GE, Cree, and Sengled bulbs. I migrated these from ST to Hubitat back in February. Since then, I think only one bulb has become unresponsive and had to be re-paired to the hub. I do have about 4 plug in Zigbee repeaters throughout the house to help maintain a solid Zigbee mesh.

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My six Cree bulbs were also dropping off randomly every day when I was using Zigbee channel 26. Then I learned Cree speaks ZLL, which prefers channels 11, 15, 20, and 25. I changed to channel 25 and they're rock solid. I believe ZHA also likes 25, so it seems like a safe bet.

Also I read in a different thread that Osram had solved their repeating issues with a new firmware update. You'd have to update it with SmartThings or the Osram hub though.

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I am on Zigbee channel 20, which also plays nicely with older SmartThings Zigbee sensors and the ThingShield.


The rare and coveted ThingShield.

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I only have 7 Hue bulbs direct paired to HE and lost connection to all of them after firmware upgrade Other brand bulbs are fine.

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Thanks all for your responses!

I've got a lot of zigbee outlets as repeaters, the lights that drop off are actually very close to the hub.

I just changed to change 25 from 11. Maybe that'll work.


Make sure you reset your zigbee devices one at a time, starting with the repeaters, or things may not work right away, or for a very long time.

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Well this was a bad idea, still most stuff isn't working. Wanted to wait it out as re pairing makes pushed devices to ST duplicate. Does zigbee just suck or is some of this a function of the hub?

Just reset the device without deleting it in HE. Run discovery and it will get added back to the same device name and automations.
As for Zigbee sucks or not. There are pros and cons to both Zigbee and zwave.