GE Link bulb r30

Hello I have about 6 of this light bulb, I remove them from the Wink hub and reset them but when i try to add them to the Hubitat hub, it does not detect anything. Is there any trick or something I'm missing? I try the exclusion and then add but nothing.

The "exclude" option is only available for Z-Wave, assuming you're talking about something you're trying to do from Hubitat. Are you, by chance, trying to add this bulb as a Z-Wave device? The GE Link is Zigbee, so you should choose that option instead. If Hubitat can't discover the bulb, it's likely that it wasn't properly reset. Try that again (likely turning the bulb on and off so many times for so many seconds in a row), then try a Zigbee discovery in Hubitat.

On a related note, be warned if your Zigbee network contains both bulbs and non-bulb/lighting devices: you will likely experience problems with these other devices. Zigbee bulbs have generally proven themselves to be poor repeaters for "regular" Zigbee (ZHA 1.2, at least) devices, as documented in numerous threads here and in other forums:

OHH Man i tough that they were zwave devices lol newbie alert lol. I find the Zwave range on this hub to be worse than the wink hub. I need to find something to cheap to work as a repeater.

I had two GE flood lights at our old place, they were pretty unreliable - maybe the least reliable smart devices I've owned.

I believe to reset the GE Link bulbs you turn them off for 3 seconds and on for 3 seconds three times. It usually takes me about twice as many times to get them to reset. When they have been reset, if I recall correctly, they dim down and back up to full.