Issues with sensor and light

I have a closet setup where the contact sensor opens and closes and the light bulb goes on and off. Here recently it has been very iffy if the light would come on. It will go off (when it actually comes on) but coming on is the problem. I activated the logging for both devices and here is what I got.

A lot of debugging going on with both devices. I believe the sensor is a Centralite and the bulb is a Sengled. This has work flawlessly since I got the hub. Just recently the unreliability started.
Can anyone make sense of this.

Maybe post a screenshot of the rule or app that runs this light so we can see how it is setup. Otherwise, we have no frame of reference here. You didn't even name what app is tying this together.

Here is the rule, not much to it.

Like I said, it use to work and now it doesn't. Need to figure out why.

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