Issues with new built-in Sinope DM2550ZB driver

I have 2 Sinope DM2550ZB dimmers. Since the release of the new driver in v.2.3.2 I've got some issues and they behave differently.

First thing first, since this driver, they look more stable. Less flickering, That's awesome!

1- The first dimmer I converted to the new driver seems to now have some kind of min/max boundaries. Before, the light would turn off to around 20%. Now I can go down to 1% and it's still stays on. But this 1% is still brighter than what I would normally set in the home theater. My second dimmer doesn't behave this way, it would still turn off around 20%.

1.a- I know that Neviweb has an option with the DM2550ZB to adjust the minimal dimming value. Could this option be made available to HE?

2- The devices preferences don't seem to save and update. If I change the indicator color and hit Save preferences nothing happen. The dimmer phase doesn't seem to change nether.

3- When hitting Configure an error is logged

dev:3362022-06-30 23:24:41.918 error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: static com.hubitat.zigbee.message.ZigBeeMessageBuilder.getMsgType() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.ArrayList) values: [[zdo unbind 0x110A 0x01 0x01 0x0008 {500B91400003D3A1} {}]]
Possible solutions: getMsgType(java.lang.String) (method configure)
dev:3362022-06-30 23:24:41.845 trace refresh()
dev:3362022-06-30 23:24:41.797 warn configure...

@mike.maxwell can you help?


Hi @mike.maxwell,

I guess you are responsible for the fix in It correct most of my issues. The preferences are updating accurately and both my two dimmer behave the same now. It also allows me to change the phase, which correct what looked to me as a minimal limit (it occurs only in middle phase).

There's still few features offered by GT130/Neviweb that are not accessible with HE. Two of these would be particularly interesting to have.

1- A minimum intensity calibration: this one set the minimal value at which we want the dimmer to go down. It kind of redefine the value of 1% so that the light don't go off. It looks like this value is sent to the device because it also change the minimum intensity accessible by the physical button.

2- The option to disable 100% on double-tap. By default the dimmer goes to 100% when on top button double tap. Disabling it allows to implement our own double-tap logic without causing a flash.

Let me know if you think these options can be implemented. Your help is greatly appreciated :+1:t2:
NB: I still have a GT130 plugged in if it can help compare something...