Issues with missing Zwave devices and disabled devices

Hi - I have a couple questions about zwave devices that have been joined but are not online. There are two different situations.

  1. I had a Aeotec Repeater that died completely. Since it was completely unresponsive there was no way to exclude it, so I ended up having to remove the device without doing an exclude. It still shows up in the zwave device list in Settings. I haven't been able to find a way to remove it.

I also have a few devices that I've used in the past but I currently don't have them powered up. I typically join new devices to be sure they are working and then disconnect them till I need them - but I've read that this can cause issues. I've clicked the Disable checkbox in the device list, but they still show up in the zwave details list which makes me thing the hub is still looking for them even though they are disabled.

What is the recommended approach if you have a device that you've joined but don't currently need to use? (Two are plug in modules, 1 is a wall switch).


Which hub?

I had something similar happen with another device and my C-8. I had to force remove the device, and then removed the stranded node using PC Controller.

That checkbox only makes the device unavailable for automations or control via the device page. It has no implications on the zigbee or zwave radio communicating with that device..

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Hub is a C7. How do you remove a stranded node. I don't know what PC Controller is.

So is it bad to disconnect a device after it's been joined ? Wondering if it messes up the mesh or not.

Generally not recommended. Can cause issues with your Z-Wave mesh. Safest approach would be to exclude mains powered Z-Wave devices you aren't keeping plugged in.

PC Controller\Ghosts are discussed here....


Thank you! I was able to remove through the Refresh /Remove process!


Well, new problem. The first device I was able to remove as above.
There was another one, however. I've tried a few rounds of Refresh, Remove with a couple shutdowns in between.
The device still appears as a ghost in the Zwave Settings page - but I'm getting this message in the log:

Failed node 11 remove status: 0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

Not sure what that means

Ensure the devices that the ghost was created from is removed from power. If it's a light switch and has an airgap (like GE/Jasco) you can pull the airgap. For other switches you may have to kill a circuit breaker. Once you've ensured power has been pulled from the device, try the Remove process again.