Issues With Minoston MP22Z and MP22ZD

This is my first post and I am new to Hubitat, so please, go easy on me... :slight_smile:

I have added two new outdoor switches to my environment, from Minoston, and found where they can use the Generic Z-Wave driver or the EVA LOGIK drivers. I have read about changing the driver to a 'Device", deleting all Child Objects, then switching it back to one of the previously-mentioned drivers. I have also found, downloaded, installed, and tried the Minoston model-specific drivers from "sky-nie".

The issue I am running into is this: When using the Generic Z-Wave driver, I can turn the lights on/off, and even dim them with the MP22ZD device, but the status never updates in Hubitat. This causes an issue with the dashboard where the tile sits with an hourglass sign and never changes. When this occurs and things stop responding, I have to go back through the set-to-device process and Delete All Child Objects steps again to regain control.

I am not sure what I can post to show you my configuration, so if there is something specific, please let me know.

Any help would be appreciated.


First thing that comes to mind is the message back from the device isn't making it. Try turning on debug logging from the device page, replicate the problem, then post that snippet of logs here as a screenshot.

Would probably also be beneficial to post up your Z-wave details page (settings -> z-wave details).

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Thank you for the response!

The only device I see in the details page for z-wave is one of the devices giving me trouble. Below is the snip of my z-wave details page:

I have also enabled debug logging with one of the devices giving me trouble and have that below:


If those are your only Z-wave devices and they're both outside, there's a good chance the range is too far without having a repeater. Both the log and details page indicate, to me at least, my initial assumption...comms aren't making it both ways.

I would suggest moving them closer to the hub, excluding them, include them again, and verify everything is working. If so, try moving one back to the original location and test again.

If they work when closer, but stop working when back outside, that would pretty much confirm what I'm thinking.


I have a couple of those and don't have any issues. I'm using the evalogik driver. But your first snip looks like that device may be a ghost node (no route) or as @FriedCheese2006 suggests it may be out of range. Mine are out side and both have a direct routing, how far are they from the hub?


Do you have the antenna mod?

Nope. Just a stock hub. I am planning on getting the mod, just haven't done it yet. One is about 30 feet on the other side of a window, the other is about 40 feet on the other side of the brick back wall of my garage.

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That's some pretty good range.

that got me thinking went back and a quick approximate measurement using google maps , the first outlet, out side the window is 44 feet. The second outlet on the back of the garage is not nearly as far as i thought at 17 feet, but it is out side ont he other side of a brick wall.

OK - so I was reading your responses (thank you) and doing some research. I am new to this realm so I think some of my issues were self-inflicted and some have to do with distance.

Until I added these plugs on the patio, all of my devices were Zigbee. I read where you have to enable the hub function for Zigbee devices and had not fully read up on Z-Wave, so I believe my first mistake was that I was enabling the hub function inside Hubitat, and it would screw up the whole connection.

From a distance standpoint, if I remove each adapter from their intended location and bring them into my office, where the Hubitat hub is, I can add them as a Z-Wave device and have fully expected functionality - the device functions and the status updates. Now that I have moved them back to the patio, I have getting sporadic functionality. I will move the Hubitat hub to a new location, where I added the Netgear Orbit satellite, and this should make the Hubitat more centralized with respect to my home. If that doesn't work out, I will have to add a repeater.

I'll update the string after I move the Hubitat module.

Thanks again for all your replies and assistance in learning this platform.


Sure enough, moving the Hubitat hub make a huge difference. The house is sort of U-shaped and my office is on the front left side of the house (the bottom of the U). I moved the hub to a bay window that overlooks the patio and would be a bit more central and the response time for the plugs is great. I had also installed the Minoston drivers and when adding the device back in, they were immediately found as Minoston with the correct model.

All is working well, and again, I appreciate all the help.