Issues with hue lights and Alexa

Removed hue bridge and lights from Wink and added to Hubitat. They seem to work fine from the dashboard. Connected to Alexa with the Hue Integration and the Amazon Echo Skill. I can get voice commands to work with Alexa, but it takes anywhere from 20-60 seconds to see a response on the dashboard. The physical light change is almost instant, which is more important to me than the delay in the Dashboard. I was just wondering if this is normal. Other lights in dashboard repond almost immediately.

Leave Dashboard out of the picture for a second and look directly at the device page in the Hubitat admin UI ("Devices" on the left, then click/tap into an affected bulb). Does the switch state (or whatever you're looking at) update more or less immediately under "Current States" on this page when you manipulate the bulb via Alexa? If it doesn't, then Dashboard won't get updated, either--it should just show you the same information you see here that the device reports for itself. If this page does update immediately, bring Dashboard back into consideration. Maybe open both Dashboard and the device page side-by-side, manipulate the bulb with Alexa, and see if both Dashboard and the device page update when expected. If there's a delay on only Dashboard, you've encountered a Dashboard problem (rare, but it can happen, especially if your browser lost the websocket connection and it's resorting to HTTP and that interval is set high or it hasn't figured out yet that it needs to). You could verify this by manipulating the device directly from Hubitat on the device page and see if the Dashboard updates to match immediately now or not. Otherwise, you have some issue with the device.

If there's an issue with the device, my guess is this: Alexa is probably using the native Hue Bridge Alexa integration, not the Hubitat Alexa Skill. If you previously had them integrated via this way, I'd be cautious and make sure they get removed on the Hue/Alexa side before adding them back to Alexa via Hubitat. Adding them from Hubitat also takes a bit of work (if you're using Hubitat's native integration) because you have to specifically choose the option in the Alexa Skill App to not exclude Hue-integrated devices.

Normally, I'd suggest just letting Hue handle the Alexa integration, since it does this pretty well on its own (scenes are imported, for one thing, plus it doesn't put yet another service between you and the lights). However, it sounds like you want ASAP status updates in Hubitat even after voice control, so what you're doing might be the way to go. (Hubitat's Hue Bridge integration relies on polling to get updated bulb states when manipulated from outside Hubitat--with a default interval of 1 minute, consistent with the interval you're reporting and why I'm guessing this might still be the issue for you--so keeping all manipulation, including voice control, inside Hubitat, as you're trying to do, would eliminate this.) Hopefully one of the above helps you figure out why it might not be working.

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Thanks for the response. Its really not that big a deal. Its just something I noticed. I will not be turning my lights on and off via the dashboard. My wife likes the voice control, and the physical response time is almost immediate. That's what counts.

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