Issues with HubConnect

I am working on connecting my HE to my old ST hub so when we get our new appliances I can integrate them easier. I have everything installed and both hubs are saying connected but when I select devices to sync, nothing shows up on either hub.

Did you install the device drivers on both platforms?

Both apps talk about drivers installed in server. They are.

You have "real" devices on ST, correct?? That's all that will show up on the originating hub. There's nothing added into the device list on the origin end except a HubConnect Remote Hub device.

The 'other hub'... the hub you want to have 'mirrored devices' appear... will need the HubConnect Universal Drivers for each type of device.

Imagine you have a Dimmer working on ST. It's the "real device" with a "real dth". When you enter ST's mobile app and start HubConnect, then begin the selection process, there will be ST devices to choose from, including the imaginary dimmer. On closing out of the selection process, a list of HubConnect Drivers is presented... then you click Done a couple more times to finish and return to the list of SmartApps.

On the HubConnect Server side, the devices you selected will be created as 'mirrored', using the HubConnect Universal Drivers installed. If there's no HubConnect Universal Dimmer driver installed, the creation of a mirrored dimmer device cannot complete, and no new devices will appear. The Logs will detail those missing drivers.

Therefore, "nothing shows up on either hub" doesn't match the picture in my head. There has to be something on the origin side to select.. so... "either" is not painting a great picture for me.

Apologizes. What I meant by either hub was, and I may be misunderstanding this, when I also select real devices on the HE side they also don't show up in the ST side.