Issues with Hampton Bay Fans

So I currently have an issue with Hampton Bay Fans. While they all work ok with Amazon Echo voice commands they do not seem to send back a status anymore and Echo will respond that the fan is not responding but the fan will do what it was told. If I turn on the feature to have Echo Respond immediately without waiting for device then all my door locks will respond that they were unable to be locked or unlocked but they will in fact lock or unlock... It is driving me crazy. Any clues from anyone to resolve the issue? I have uninstalled the devices and reinstalled them. I have tried every Hampton Bay / King Of Fans driver I could find. Thanks in advance.

I have 3 in use. Alexa only likes, low, medium and high for my fans. She doesn't say "I'm not sure what went wrong" with theses three commands. However, she doesn't like "Off" or "On" and will say it. But everything does work, just annoying. The light commands work perfectly.

I get that occasionally with my Hampton Bay fan control (about 5%) but I also get it sometimes on other devices. I presume there is something that's not sending the response as soon as Alexa expects. Since it seems to fail more consistently for you, is it possible the Zigbee mesh is marginal so the response is delayed enough that Alexa gives up? Do you have a repeater close by the fan? There have been a lot of posts by people having problems with the built-in antenna if the mesh isn't solid.

Works fine, Hits repeaters in the room, Alexa controls it fine, she just doesn't seem to like certain commands. The Hampton Bay controllers are the only ones I have that give the Alexa Response "I'm not sure what went wrong" when nothing did go wrong :slight_smile:

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My response was really for @joeyjoefus. He and I seem to get a "Ceiling fan did not respond" from Alexa even though the fan operated correctly. I was thinking it could be a timing issue since mine generally works well. It seems like @tgrant48 is getting a different error.

You can use these commands which work without the unwanted response by Alexa:
Alexa set fan speed to on
Alexa set fan speed to low (or medium or high)
Alexa set fan speed to off

No matter what command you use Alexa still responds back saying "sorry Fan is not responding" yet the command will have worked.

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That is more likely an issue with your network and is unrelated to the topic being discussed.

Has nothing to do with the network. I since I started the topic it has everything to do with the topic being discussed. It is an issue with Hubitat and Alexia linking.

Okay, just trying to help. I can confirm using the above commands work consistently without any extraneous remarks from Alexa on my habitat upgraded to latest. Not sure why your system differs.

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