Issues with geofencing and mobile devices

So I'm trying to setup the away mode using my phone and my wife's, I created an account for her, installed the app on her phone and signed in on her phone using her account.
Now, when I look at the devices list it only shows one mobile device, which is either one of us who opened the mobile app last.
What am I doing wrong? I was expecting to see both of our devices in the list at the same time.

You should see both. Something is duplicated. You might have to create a separate hubitat account for presence. It's honestly been so long ago, I can't remember how I set them up. Did you try creating a device and choose mobile presence device for the driver for her phone? This is a stab in the dark, but i remember having trouble with it as well.

So I created a new hubitat account for my wife and from I selected my hub and invited her to the hub as a guest using her email account.
I just tried creating a new virtual device and using Mobile app as the driver but I couldn't find a way to associate that with an account.

@bcopeland or @aaiyar help us out here. Cant remember how to do this. :frowning_face:

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The device should be created when she logs into the app on her phone


I removed the app from my wife's phone and reinstalled it, now it's working. I made sure this time that I selected configure new device when first opening the app on her phone. I may not have done that the previous time.

I've uninstalled my app and reinstalled it, but it's not interested in adding my phone as a device at all. Is there a special version of the app I am meant to have? Or maybe mobile devices can't be used in this way in the UK? And I have seen conflicting advice over whether we are meant to try adding a new device ourselves or not. Where are the actual instructions - I've seen plenty of threads of people having problems and being helped, but no actual "how to add your mobile device" article.