Issues with Evolve LDM-15W Z-Wave Lamp Module and InTouch CA600 Z-Wave Dimmer

As I move from Wink to Hubitat, I have successfully move both of my GE Z-Wave Dimmer Smart Dimmers, and have connected my EcoBee system with 2 thermostats and 4 sensor. I am having issues with Evolve LDM-15W Lamp Module and InTouch CA600 Dimmer.

On the Evolve, the Hubitat has been able to discover the 1st one I tried to move, but it does not recognize what type device it is and is unable to operate it. I have tried setting it up as a generic blub (which is how wink had it). As well as a switch. Need to figure this out as 2 of my lights are using this.

For the InTouch CA600 Dimmer, I'm lost. I excluded it from the Wink, and the the light over the switch flashing, which is supposed to mean its ready to sync, but have been unable to get the hubitat to see it. Any suggestions? I have 9 more of these

Everything else I still need to move (Zigbee is easier than Z-Wave, right?)

A second Z-Wave Evolve LDM-15 as above
3 Zigbee Sengled Element Classic Bulbs
3 Zigbee Sylvania Lightify Smart + Bulbs
Setup both Alexa and Google Assistant
build lighting groups
Arlo Camera

Bonus projects and other "smart" systems in house (likely all IFTTT projects)

6 Wyze Cameras
ZModo Greet Doorbell Camera
Connect my Rain Machine irrigation system
9 more CA600 Dimmers that I still have new in the box, they just aren't LED friendly.

I have (had, now I guess) a houseful of these dimmers. Really liked the look and feel, loved that they didn’t need a neutral. Always had intermittent issues using with Wink, even more so with Vera, then with Hubitat they worked fantastic. Fast response times, updated their status immediately to the hub. Unfortunately not zwave plus and never recovered well from power failures. So they’ve almost all been replaced by Inovelli dimmers now.

In order to pair them they need to be in close proximity to your hub. Also, I would do an exclude with Hubitat just before doing the inclusion. Use the generic zwave dimmer driver. You’ll need to change that from the default “Device” that’s chosen after inclusion.

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I changed the Evolve to Generic Dimmer, its working fine, thanks! Also setup the other dimmer and the 3 Sengled Bulbs up.

The Sylvanias and the CA600 togo

Going to be a bit of a chore moving the hubitat closer to the CA600 wall dimmer switch, the switch id in a column in the middle of the large open floorplan.

Would bringing a Z-Wave device that is already in the mesh suffice? I'm thinking about taking the above mentioned Evolve Dimmer on an extension cord, could hold that right next to the switch?

My experience with the CA600s (and a lot of older non-plus z-wave devices) is that they won't pair through the mesh/repeaters. The early days of zwave required you to bring the hub to each device to pair. That's why a lot of early hubs were battery-powered Z-stick type devices that you could bring next to the device and include it, then plug it into the computer or whatever device for normal operation.

Two options: a really long extension cord and ethernet cable, or using a wifi range extender/access point. I have an old netgear device I can power with a portable battery pack (via USB) and also power the Habitat with another battery pack, and connect the hub to the netgear with a short ethernet cable. With this I can carry my hub anywhere inside or outside the house to work with problematic devices.

After including devices in this manner it's important to run a z-wave repair after restarting your hub when it's back to it's normal operating location.

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Rather than buy a long LAN cable, which I will almost never use again, I'm going to update the dimmer to a Inovelli. Bonus is I won't have to run one incandescent bulb on that line anymore to stop LED flickering.

I have all of the others device I had connected to the Wink setup on the Hubitat and working fine.

Thanks for your help.

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