Issues setting color on Sengled bulbs

Since the last update half of my sengled colored bulbs light up as red for no apparent reason. I cannot seem to get to them to change back. Additionally, you need to change the light bulb section to something that a human can understand. Maybe a drop down or selection box if a person wants color, level, temp. This 5 entry or so option is so madening that I still cannot understand what is going on. I have been such a fan of Hubitat, but I am seriously considering leaving over these issues.

SIgned: Finally Disgruntled

You do realize you can revert back to the previous version. Report the issue and often the fix gets put in the next hot fix or version.


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In addition to what @Brandon said, can you post more details about this issue?

Driver, apps/integrations used, etc.


I'm not even sure how to do that with just shy of 75 devices.

I've rerveted to previous version of the firmware and rolled back to a download from 2 days ago.. Every rgb sengled bulb turns on red, can't figure out how to make them a useful color, can't remember how it was done in the first place due to the interface being so user unfriendly.

I cannot get Hubitat to switch back to a normal color but I just asked Alexa to change all lights to warm white and she did. Why is Hubitat so difficult? If I could just save the state of what I have no I'd be happy enough, but it won't stick.

After you select the color preferences, you need to click on Set Color button.

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I think this is the answer. Moving onto the temperature setting instead. Now just have to go to each bulb and adjust one I find the right white color.



When I want to change a color bulb on the device page, I tap on the color oval:

And then I choose a color from the pop-up:

Then close the pop-up menu and tap the set color button. Only three steps.

Or on a dashboard tile too, I can change color with a slider:

Only two steps for that one. And it works with a group of bulbs too.

This is on my iPhone, but a desktop browser should work the same.

I like that, but I'm just trying to get a normal color... very hard to do on a color wheel. I think I got the answer, slowly changing all my bulbs back. Sure be nice if we had the option of some PRESETS, ie. sunrise, sunset, warm white, soft white, etc...

Do you mean a shade of white? That is color temperature, not color (which here means RGB, HSV, or a similar color model). It sounds like you may have figured that out above. If not, color temperature is a standard measurement, the unit is Kelvin, and something around 2700 is normally a warm white people are used to around home (4000K is kind of a brigther white, and by 5000 or so most people notice a blue tinge; dim incandescents may get to 2200 or below...but you'll find what you like).

This works similary to all other commands on the device page, if that's where you're this (type in the parameter value, the color temperature; then click/tap the "Set Color Temperature" button itself to run the command).

But if your bulbs are going red all the time on their own, that's a different issue--maybe some app in the "In use by section" that is performing some automation?


I do not know why my bulbs went crazy and went to red but I did figure it out finally how to get things back to normal. I reiterate, Hubitat should rework their bulb section to make more sense. One of their engineers should grab their wife or husband and see if they understand that whole screen. No "average Joe" is going to figure that out. Simpify it. It's not even clear that their is a "botton" to set it after you made your choice.

The device page, which it sounds like where you are, is great for testing or troubleshooting. There isn't really a "bulb section," but I assume you mean the commands, attributes (current states), and perhaps preferences you see near the top of these pages. This will be similar for all device pages, differing based on the capabilities and preferences the driver offers, which generally correspond to capabilities of the real-world device.

If you are looking for day-to-day device control, I'd suggest setting up a Hubitat Dashboard or using the "Devices" tab in the mobile app (not the main web interface) instead. These are friendlier interfaces for that.

Or, even better, automate it so you don't have to. :slight_smile: Motion-based lightning automations are pretty much what got me into this in the first place...


There is also a built-in app in Hubitat to group devices. It’s called “Groups and Scenes” and can be installed from the “Apps” section then by clicking on the “+ Add Built-in Apps” button.

Once installed, you can create a new group and add all your bulbs in it. Once Done, it will create a device that will allow you to control all the included devices at once (turn on/off, dim, change color, change color temperature, etc.). The device can be used as-is in the device screen or in a dashboard as decscribed above by Robert.

Scenes (part of the before mentioned "Groups and Scenes" app) will save the state of devices and allow you to switch to that "Scene" on demand.

Documentation can be found here:
Creating a scene allow you to capture devices in their unique states and repeat the exact condition. Once the scene is captured, Hubitat Elevation can activate devices to the same captured state.

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