Issues Controlling Lights with Motion Sensors

I am having 2 issues with motion sensor lighting that I could use some assistance with:

  1. Under Motion Lighting Apps, when I set up a room with a motion sensor and tell it to turn on a scene for a room when motion is activated, it turns on the scene when motion is activated but it won't turn off the scene after there is no motion detected and the specified delay has completed. This is even the case if I choose the scene as a switch. However, if I choose a specific switch (not a scene), it turns it on and off as expected.

  2. After someone turns on a "scene" manually I would like hubitat to turn that scene off when the motion sensor finds no activity. For example, someone turns on scene X in Room Y where there is a motion sensor. 15 minutes later they leave room Y but don't turn the off scene X. At that point I want hubitat to turn off scene X when no motion is detected for 15 minutes. Currently I can find no way to make this work.

Any expertise is appreciated.

Motion Lighting activates a Scene, which is different than turning it 'on'. A Scene may include turning some lights off, setting dimmer levels on others, etc. So it doesn't really have on/off in the way you are thinking.

If what you want is for all of the lights turned on when a Scene is activated to be turned off after motion stops, you have a couple of choices. First, in the Scene do not select "Ignore activate switch off", and include the Scene activator switch in Motion Lighting under Options for off as "Additional switches to turn off when turned off". Or, second, include all of the lights in the Scene in that same ML option (should for example you need the "Ignore activate switch off" option for the Scene).

It's pretty clear what I was stating regarding a scene, but thank you for clarifying what it means. I did figure this out and it appears to be a bug with the software. For some reason when configuring a new motion lighting app it would result it the lights turning on and back off again almost immediately when motion was detected (instead of turning it on and then off after X period of time). This would mostly happen the first time creating the app or making multiple edits to it. The hubitat would also go into a vicious cycle of turning the lights off over and over again. This would fill up the logs and slow the hub to a crawl. Deleting the app and recreating it (the exact same way) would result in the successful operation.

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