Issues building a Mode Lighting App

Trying to create some simple mode lighting but each time I enter the bulb level for the first mode, the UI becomes unresponsive and the hub grinds to a halt.

I've done this three times and each time it took a plug pull to reboot. I was able to catch this error in the logs.

Hope it helps!

That sounds like a driver error, since there's not much else.

Can you change the driver on "Counter lights" to something else? Just to identify the specific problem?

OR, add a virtual dimmer and use that in this rule?

They are Sylvania light strips using the generic zigbee RGBW driver. I'll try changing and testing. I just thought it was weird that I wasn't able to complete building the app.

In that case, I'd try inventing a Virtual Dimmer and see if the error still occurs. It's all native code so you've probably found a bug. Let's try and figure out which portion it's in.

Interesting stuff.

Virtual dimmer- was able to complete creation of the app and it dimmed as expected with manual mode changes.

Generic z-wave RGBW bulb- hub froze after I entered the color and level for first mode and threw the same error as posted above.

Virtual RGBW bulb- after entering color and level for first mode, hub slowed to a crawl and eventually threw the same error. App page refreshed to an 'Unexpected Error' message and hub performance came back about 5 mins later.

My conclusion: Mode Lighting does not like setting levels for colored bulbs. :laughing:

Good time to bring in the experts: @bravenel

Color.. I'm thinking I heard this tale earlier today :slight_smile: With luck, he's fixed an hour or two ago :smiley:

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Yes, there is a bug in Mode Lighting for color bulbs. Found and fixed. Next release.

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