Issues after power cut


Just hada power cut and once restored everything in house came back up correctly - well apart from the C7 thats been sat on my network for months at (fixed IP from Unifi Controller) now sits on network at - I cant get it to changeand its running like a tortoise - any ideas welcomed. Every other cat5 device came up ok with its previous IP.


Sounds like the C7 might have come up before the DHCP server was available?

If you've not tried already I would:

  1. Pull the network cable and wait 30 seconds, then reinsert. Might be enough to trigger it to ask for a new IP.
  2. Reboot via the diagnostics interface at hub_up:8081

C7's now also let you set a static IP address, worth considering for the future. Also consider putting critical devices on a UPS if they're not already on one.

Turns out the DHCP server failed totally along with POE modem but I have fixed IP for all automation gear, 7 hours later everything on network factory reset - network config restored and everything finally back as was - phew !!!!!!!

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